Not yet but spitting distance  $ES_F

Primary and good fortune targets  #EMWS $ES_F globex

lunch break. “Pay attention to support in up trends”  $ES_F guess that 80 target is put on hold… 12 support intact

Team E have a great day. Out of the office all day. If u bought with 12 support paid for sure into 21/22 ahead of gap/ 23 $ES_F #EMWS

@rafe_mo i have same 50 back at 95.5 if talking about the 57 swing low $ES_F

@rafe_mo TS shows 94.5 to .75  for now doesnt seem like we get there until august (COMPARE the lines on the chart with the eventual range) $ES_F

Dreamers and schemers looking for 50 point lower targets: step by step. Why 80 before 94.5 gap? (NOTE the green rising moving average $ES_F

TEAM E any holdovers cover into 17/16 and if buy use 12 stop #EMWS $ES_F

9:38 E using 16 support idea  #EMWS $ES_F Retest failure with the hard back and fill a clue

14:32 Emini Wizard stop 34 for short 14:00 Emini Wizard 23 scene of crime // #EMWS angel test 21