5 Globex Pre market 41.25 Bull/Bear Line

Aggressive 3 Box System

4325 Squeeze Pivot NQ

NQ Target Line

$ES_F Paid for sure (PFS) zone

Class A Divergence

5 RTH Rain line test

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A big Thank You to all my new followers ! ow.ly/wZAd300myWP $ES_F

RT @e: Use 44/45 as aggressive resistance drop losers $ES_F / Reminder 2031.25 Big Pivot remains as important support #EMWS need to resolve

Out of the office today. #EMWS use 2045.25 for Bull/ Bear idea today $ES_F Op ex , review yesterday’s posts for additional ideas

5 globex ow.ly/svhd300oes6 PFS by 45.75 if long $ES_F 23.75 target was hit and nice bounce testing today’s 45.25 as bull/ bear line

RT @e: On any breaks 29.5 is T1, 28.25 WT1 and T2 today is 23.75 $ES_F 2031.25 support until broken #EMWS / slingshot recaptured 2031.25

@WatermanLXXIII under and over (in hindsight) Left Team #EMWS note that 19.25 was today’s support on breaks $ES_F

Undercut lows need to be watched carefully, like yesterday’s 30.75 low ow.ly/eA5m300ofNC try 52 resistance overnight $ES_F

5 Globex ow.ly/dC94300p1hV using 2041.25 as bull / bear line today

RT @TheFibDoctor: UPDATE: 5/20/16 What you can expect in our new forum fb.me/9hmUw3Mmm / just do it #FF

@TheFibDoctor Thank you Dave much appreciated

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire A big thank you and back at you Renato #FF

RT @TRADEnPERFORM: @TheFibDoctor @eminiwizard I second that opinion. Very good trader. Very good teacher / A Big thank you Simon $ES_F

Plan is trying for 41.25 before worrying about the gap Thinking small and hit and run for seed capital pre market $ES_F

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F Live Trading with Lewis Borsellino & The ManOverMarket Team: manovermarket.com Education Package! #7DaysFree

Small 3 Box System ow.ly/Zaf6300pbzF $ES_F

NQ 4325 needs to get beat to open the door south ow.ly/lwQZ300pd8Z #EMWS

@StevieT118 Thank you for your info. Shorts need to defend 48/52 , get by 38 and 2031.25 first $ES_F

Using 41.25 as half gap target/ aggressive support zone $ES_F

Market shouldn’t go too far ahead of news at 10 ow.ly/IJGx300pjQs $ES_F stop running aggressive shorts

PFS by 52 if long and sideline for news $ES_F 41.25 aggressive support intact #EMWS

Ti today is 52.75 and T2 is 57.75 so back to the 58.5 Biggie idea is key $ES_F

@StevieT118 It felt to me like the bounce wasn’t over yet, Boyz have an agenda as usual and Op ex adds to the challenge today $ES_F

NQ 15 Globex ow.ly/lnof300pqXi $ES_F ow.ly/9wcV300pro4 re-auctioning Fast down territory #EMWS Had nice IB ? keep profits

Timing should be for lunch contra dont expect miracles shorts $ES_F 45 now aggressive support, agg trail at 51 for longs Why give back more?

Volume divergence for profit taking pb ow.ly/fGee300pMoV $ES_F position squaring this afternoon

nice symmetry for astute traders to take profits #EMWS Note how the gap is now the middle of the swing from yesterday’s low $ES_F

We shouldn’t follow ideas blindly; learn to think about subtle clues if we want to become better traders #EMWS

@gb00splusx Yes, Move is from low to high so technically pb should be bought. Shorts need to undo 48.75 for any hope today $ES_F

If short, PFS by 48.75 $ES_F

trailers only into the donut hole (46) #EMWS $ES_F being conservative

RT @MockTrade: $ES_F 46s will likely b the tell for how the close goes or at least next 90mins or so / smart #FF

Target 46 to 45.5 achieved for shorts and trailers if want more $ES_F

Reminder this is a retest of yesterday’s high, this target important ahead of the 41 half gap $ES_F

Talking shop with traders awesome. Going to see 9 year old George play ball and family picnic in Greenwich: Priceless. Nice weekend to all

@RectorRe @lehmanterms thanks guys ! 5 RTH chart ow.ly/pLiB300qdBb keep 52 as resistance, above shorts can be squeezed $ES_F