Cash is on the run from Europe  Armstrong #EMWS

Nq  less is more #EMWS  whole and parts  #EMWS occams razor

8:25 E so key for now is 19 holding 9:28 E: using 28 resistance for open #EMWS $ES_F 9:39 E t1 19.25

9:54 Emini Wizard 21.25 yest low must stay below for any more good fortune #EMWS $ES_F as expected meaningless chop ahead of FOMC

Nq was nice confirming tell  #EMWS

@ciscohitt thank u great charts… market waiting for news is all we know. 21.25 low from yesterday important $ES_F

10:32 E i dont believe that high is secure 10:52 E i think we break stops long side by 1 to 2 points 23 neutral #EMWS $ES_F

first pb usually buyable  good fortune above 27.75 #EMWS $ES_F

14:27 Emini Wizard 31.75 is t2 trailers only past 31 #EMWS $ES_F FED Up

14:32 Emini Wizard stop 34 for short 14:00 Emini Wizard 23 scene of crime // #EMWS angel test 21

9:38 E using 16 support idea  #EMWS $ES_F  Retest failure with the hard back and fill a clue

TEAM E any holdovers cover into 17/16 and if buy use 12 stop #EMWS $ES_F

Dreamers and schemers looking for 50 point lower targets: step by step. Why 80 before 94.5 gap?  $ES_F