5 RTH above the blue slope line

120 Chart Symmetry The laws of proportion

NQ snaping back

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@myopiniontweetz many would probably agree with you, and I’ve been called worse before… ow.ly/4niejJ 2 out of three ok with me

@myopiniontweetz thanks for sharing your opinion, I will check my ego at the door and leave predictions to others $ES_F

@BidnAsk Great post 5 RTH ow.ly/4nkNHQ Sadly, we said farewell friday night to our good friend CJ who was benched with ALS

456 in a 120 chart ow.ly/4nkZ7Y Beautiful Symmetry at 2075 $ES_F

NQ 120 regression trade as well ow.ly/4nl5ff #EMWS BOM bias plays out day 1

When someone calls me an idiot and has a very strong opinion, I usually back off.

“Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are ignorant rather than open it and remove all doubt.” – Pop

Many different approaches to trading. I like to take it step by step. We can’t plan for a crash, but we can have insurance.


@myopiniontweetz post is duly noted:

@eminiwizard SPX 1790 is coming. Enjoy!

@eminiwizard this is honestly the easiest stock market crash to predict in next 3 months. i have never seen something this simple…ever.

@eminiwizard i’m just saying make a timeframe prediction and price, and show that you are an amazing trader.

@eminiwizard its not a gut feeling, its all charting, and SPY 1790 coming before July 31, 2016. my charts have never been wrong.

@Precog1982 @spz_trader @eminiwizard you are all idiots, i am long 205call at .54, will sell at 2+ in 1.25 hrs

@Precog1982 @spz_trader @eminiwizard dumped at 1.30, shouldve couldve wouldve at 1.80

Ironically, I can see the measure for that price target. (1793.13) Many traders were looking for 1790’s on a second leg down and here we are.

We are only as good as our last call.

Friday April 29 E: @stocktrader0610 need profit taking for shorts, 42 stop for those with profits looking to scalp long $ES_F

Lunch coming all targets have been hit short side. Don’t have to buy but make sure stops down now if played the short side $ES_F

11:43 Friday stops down to 52 and any day low but 45/ 43.75 now next important level ow.ly/4nfooR 47.5 is the .61 extension #EMWS


@spz_trader: @eminiwizard that footprint at 2045.75 2205/0 Wow !

E @eminiwizard
Position Squaring $ES_F Hope you played well, thanks all for the amazing posts and insights you shared #EMWS nice weekend to all


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