RT @jwsuga: @eminiwizard thanks for a great week Coach E. / #EMWS You welcome, Let’s try for another one ow.ly/N4ZHt $ES_F

@sewerpimp agreed. Somehow, Roy is always relevant. He seems to show up at the right time  #EMWS

8:03 E market has pulled back to 13.25 magnet 8:41 i think we go higher 9:47 E lets assume git er done that means test the 22 to 25 today

longs squeezer & pleaser  11:45 E i think we test the 26 by eod #EMWS $ES_F trail is all t2 29.25 as resistance now

12:02 Emini Wizard 28 next resistance time to move stops up and Paid for sure $ES_F

15 globex chart 

8:08 Emini Wizard still have targets at 31.25 to xxx #EMWS risk and reward coming into picture now $ES_F

@ChrisTinaFoxx thank you very mich Chris Tina $ES_F