10 Globex Pre market

Big Picture Resistance Pre market

15 NQ Globex

Levels PFS by 35 to 36.5 support
@dex2019 @lehmanterms @manderley_4 @spz_trader @onefourdroopy @LongTplexTrader @pipsnticks @PatrickGrattan @pm1889 @casper409 @BTMLineTrades thanks all

10 globex ow.ly/p59W300hujy next edges were posted yesterday $ES_F

Yesterda’ys excess being moderated today, consolidation expected. If short PFS by 55, 73.5 as resistance $ES_F

I think we need to be careful expecting too much out of MATD as well as back pedaling. $ES_F paying attention to yesterdays high

half gap 2061 will use as Bull bear line today #EMWS

@pm1889 get to 55.25 is normal support as posted yest, get past it 52.25 test possible #EMWS $ES_F

@pm1889 yesterday’s run was stronger than I expected, thinking today needs to consolidate some of those gains. D top held overnight $ES_F

Big picture ow.ly/bxnH300hGbN resistance level was hit, this is profit taking leg all we know. OP EX week must be factored in $ES_F

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F Left one single at 2053.25 / retest yest IB high bo is 53

15 NQ backpedaling ow.ly/dYiT300hK5v #EMWS

“Trading is simple but not easy”. $ES_F

Beautiful example of a 456 back and fill today $ES_F PFS by 52.25, trail is all and good fortune below #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: half gap 2061 will use as Bull bear line today #EMWS / helpful today $ES_F

Trailers capture all by 41 to 39.25, beyond that is just dumb luck #EMWS

“The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh Away” $ES_F reminder 37.75 marker

Theta Burn the volatile way #EMWS

@spz_trader No support built up yest this is fast up fast down leg after 52 let go $ES_F

@LongTplexTrader thank u yest angel test is 37 $ES_F

use 36.5 to 35 as support for profit taking $ES_F dont have to buy, need profits from short side if want to try it #EMWS

@spz_trader @dex2019 nice target zone you picked $ES_F lead the troops, out of office here next few hours

@dex2019 high odds take profits zone ow.ly/9EA7300iZyA $ES_F missed the closing but felt it was right rotation #EMWS