Did you ever just feel the rhythm? 14:52 E 2119.75 is target for completion $ES_F  ran out of time RTH #EMWS

30 globex still our primary chart  stubborn traders cannot win this game #EMWS $ES_F good morning

RT @TheFibDoctor: Via @seeitmarket Why The SP 500 May Be Targeting Higher Prices Yet  … $ES_F great analysis Doc #FF

“premarket is for hit and run, get a few points seed capital. Then can leverage it as risk capital for attempting primary trade RTH”

15 globex is the bad boy that needs breaking today  $ES_F #EMWS

09:34 E careful of distribution this morning everyone’s got religion now looking up up up the herd mentality $ES_F hit and run at db

09:26 Emini Wizard magnet 13.5 $ES_F nothing like the good old sucker play #EMWS

Boyz just know how to fade late to the party http://ow.ly/MZM6a #EMWS $ES_F two way day

Must see both sides of the coin to understand trading #kiss  $ES_F  #EMWS

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@just4girls1 @seeitmarket @Jediphone @TheFibDoctor @ChrisColeIAM thanks all much appreciated

@Jediphone 🙂 be well Jed and may the force be with u #EMWS

@BamaTrader @RenaTrader @thewavetrading @Crolo14 @shahzaddalal thank you and best to all #EMWS

12.5 marker for support today  $ES_F 24.75 resistance target worked great #EMWS got the ends right today