@onefourdroopy @sewerpimp @shemesht @2HarryBawlz @ lol @RanchoDinero @big7x7 @BEFREEinFL @ciscohitt @IHBDSB @jdextras thank u $ES_F

Did you ever just feel the rhythm? 14:52 E 2119.75 is target for completion $ES_F  ran out of time RTH #EMWS

Take it to the limit  for my friend the hawkman trader  #EMWS $ES_F

@sewerpimp et al 18.5 2 x IB missed by 1 tic  measured move should be the double top target. PM session awful

@sewerpimp lol this just ridiculous squeeze not even 1 m contracts #EMWS

14:18 Emini Wizard target 17.5 $ES_F one hour to go one point stops up time and price

@sewerpimp Truth ! get a walk, hit batter, or cheesy infield single , then up to the sluggers $ES_F

@big7x7 was thinking that by eod tomorrow not necessarily today 14:24 E we make new high by eod tomorrow i think $ES_F thank u

tighten stops/ capture trailers past .61 target 15.75 #EMWS $ES_F any high available in squeeze PFS by 16

accept gifts gifts above 12.5 $ES_F #EMWS 10 globex said up

mission accomplished  shorts couldnt bust 02 objective criteria  #EMWS $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: @sewerpimp we have reduced expectations for both sides today #EMWS $ES_F snooozer. over traders lose big time

8:05 Emini Wizard i think today we test 10 to 12 #EMWS $ES_F 8:06 Emini Wizard 03 squeeze pivot

RT @eminiwizard: @ciscohitt Great chart, thanks cisco 10 should get tested today I think #EMWS $ES_F 10 to 12.5 was destined.so target 11

@ciscohitt 08:23 Emini Wizard 9.25 is next xxx marker #EMWS $ES_F thinking small and avoid trouble day

@sewerpimp we have reduced expectations for both sides today #EMWS $ES_F

@sewerpimp i just think invisible hand said get outta here #EMWS $ES_F #pawns

@sewerpimp @ciscohitt All I know is this is young man’s game. Snoring soundly at 3 am when it launches lol $ES_F catch a piece of it

@ciscohitt Great chart, thanks cisco. 10 should get tested today I think #EMWS $ES_F

Money charts for those who know how to read them EURUSD  #EMWS

Yoyo market ow.ly/MW7oo the only thing that matters is skin in the game, the rest is BS #EMWS $ES_F