scene of the crime  hard late sell was a tell  #EMWS $ES_F oops

RT @MrTopStep: Fool-proof Logic –… lol start your day with a laugh

Conservative here   #EMWS   NQ

456 holder’s are covering 79.25 $ES_F #EMWS

Casino Rules: bring to the table only what we can afford to lose. “Go see a shrink if you think you know where this market is going” $ES_F

08:27 Emini Wizard try for 87.5 to 88.75 / better get paid something into 88.75 if long #EMWS $ES_F

@2pete @LongTplexTrader thanks guys for your input $ES_F

08:15 Emini Wizard gcf 91 zone / gotta cover firsts (if long) #EMWS $ES_F

8:25 E Fibo 79.25 is .61 last week’s range and symmetry from yesterday’s range (including after hours) is almost 100% extension #EMWS $ES_F

Just playing the odds and making educated guesses $ES_F

8:04 Emini Wizard 92 is resistance for now #EMWS $ES_F wac a mole day

90% of traders missed the short EOD and overnight. two way day, late to the party lose as always $ES_F 88.75 last year’s high battle

paid for sure 82 angel, trail only #EMWS $ES_F

10:37 Emini Wizard I think they try to get back 94/95 if can 09:31 Emini Wizard half g 94.25 $ES_F #EMWS

9:01 Emini Wizard treacherous day i think 8:13 Emini Wizard may be wac a mole day $ES_F 98 stops for mid level entry short

@MrTopStep many great traders share ideas. Seeing other opinions help eliminate our own blind spots $ES_F thanks for sharing yours

RT @jedimarkus77: @eminiwizard @MrTopStep You learn by teaching. / absolutely, and well said

98.25 is the overnight demon, that’s why its our resistance right now $ES_F

09:53 E “do not think they cant swing this ”  $ES_F carve something out of the day, be willing to take a breather

If shorted, paid for sure on retest of 90.5 IB high  $ES_F 88.75 LYH still being resolved

PFS time for longs inside day so far, highest odds trades done $ES_F

risk and reward must be considered, not just your yeeha point #EMWS $ES_F why give back 5 to make 1?

#kiss and common sense is all I will say about risk and reward $ES_F No algo needed to help define risk near the edges

will miss the afternoon fireworks… appointment out of office #EMWS $ES_F thanks all for posts, rt etc

@sewerpimp lol, you are right meanwhile, play it like baseball #EMWS $ES_F trade well pimper