30 Globex Pre market

120 Swing in channel


Big Boxes

30 Globex afternoon swoon

120 Globex channel regression

Mr TopStep


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shorts need to undo aggressive support at 67.5 $ES_F using 83.75 as next aggressive resistance target ow.ly/st2K3006nPu

@TheFibDoctor Many smart to traders to learn from Doc, your team is one of them #FF

Premise today is soft MATD consolidating this 50 point bounce off the 2031.25 big pivot $ES_F weak hands drop losers, risk and reward idea

Swing Resolution: The art of seeing next objectives step by step ow.ly/tdlH3006vOM $ES_F context

@TheFibDoctor thank you Doc

magnet is 70.75 so PFS if playing contra to trend $ES_F stay aware of news at 10:30 today

Hit and run, half gap at 76.25 should be a key today $ES_F

flattening out for news PFS by 74 if long $ES_F


MATD traders PFS by 77.5 and trailers for gap and good fortune $ES_F

Today’s demon is 77.75 and LWH is 77.5 $ES_F awareness

The trick today is not getting too fancy. Real traders know execution needs to consider how to avoid risk and then play around news $ES_F

That’s one of the reasons trading is simple but not easy… $ES_F

PFS by 70.5 magnet same as b4 if playing contra today $ES_F yesterday’s high intact for now #EMWS

RT @SusanCTShore: their job is to screw everyone. Wear a helmet. / lol amen sister $ES_F

weak hands getting shaken out stops down for 67.5 support test $ES_F

nice tic balance now – 1000 with yesterday’s + 1000 $ES_F cant get too excited either side today

RT @MrTopStep: exact cost of the bootcamp per day after we reduced the price ????
$9.80 p/day Lets go traders… tradechat.me/co/bootcamp-13

MATD is over, Yesterday’s high intact, still backing and filling looking for 67.5 test of suppport $ES_F not yet

Yesterday’s plunder borrowed some of today’s range… paying the price for it today with limited range $ES_F

@TouchstoneTrade now the key is to see if anything left short side PFS by 67.5 ow.ly/mQDz30076T9 $ES_F

Kudos to anyone who had 75+ targets yesterday, nice run. Looking at this as profit taking sequence, not mama bear growling $ES_F

@options911 thank you. Yesterday globex range near 32 points and only about 18 for RTH. I gave slight edge to shorts for that imbalance

Testing the top of this Big Box ow.ly/UATQ30078cb #EMWS $ES_F 64.75 is T1 today and yest middle is 63.75 below 67.5 good fortune

Keep that 73 high now as resistance til broken dont give back 5 to make 2 $ES_F

Bingo at rain line 65.5 and more is luck $ES_F “weak hands drop losers fast”

if short lock profits and PFS by 63.75 $ES_F 61.25 is important next level

back later Nice back and fill $ES_F

30 Globex and 61.25 next important level achieved ow.ly/qcUW3007iud $ES_F

5/9 RT @eminiwizard: Using 58.5 as a key marker today for bull bear zone $ES_F PFS by 57 if long // now retesting this breakout zone

RT @e: Swing Resolution: The art of seeing next objectives step by step ow.ly/tdlH3006vOM $ES_F / updated ow.ly/ElRI3007k3U

Pool time and once again 58.5 Bull bear line will now give us directional clues #EMWS Have a system, not just isolated ideas $ES_F

@Serious_Trader Thanks ST, very much appreciated $ES_F

RT and give a shout out if you think traders can improve their game with Pro help ow.ly/3QOk3007t7R $ES_F ow.ly/2PVL3007tgf

RT @BamaTrader: Big Bull mkt….till about April 2015
#SPX #SPY / Market still full of bull…

@BamaTrader throw Greenie in there too “only the last buyers (real estate) will get hurt… gimmee a break / appraisals matter

@finlwiz keeping eye on 2037.75 as TYO. Above it, bouncing, below it, testing for support #kiss

@finlwiz @BamaTrader As a Broker, I love these calls by an appraiser: “Can you send me a copy of the contract” (so I can justify the $) lol

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@finlwiz lol.. flying is easy… it’s the landing that hurts

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