Theme? Theta burn 8:48 E consolidation day most likely Slight edge to longs for testing friday’s high. #EMWS $ES_F

Both ends washed out as expected  love the headfake long  thinking small #EMWS $ES_F

@tomandprisha Tom this seems like summer trading. Not much news. Op ex, absorbing thurs and friday’s move through time I think $ES_F

10:53 E: quicksand trading // irony? so sloooow #EMWS $ES_F controlled backing and filling

thinking small  trail only below 5.25 if short #EMWS $ES_F

@ManOverMarket just need fingers to count on today, not event the toes yet $ES_F

rain line hit. trailers, washed out friday’s rth longs 8:00 Emini Wizard 98 support still $ES_F t2 2100

08:14 Emini Wizard i dont want to get all bulled up now should be matd with stolen range already $ES_F 10:20 E caveat emptor #EMWS

Friday’s middle 98.75… better be done by that if short EOD $ES_F #EMWS

29.5 points globex range only 11 RTH Fri Hard to give big edge to longs 8:03 E first of month bullish bias gone #EMWS $ES_F 98 support test

angels and demons  Tunnel vision  $ES_F #EMWS

#kiss. simple tools #EMWS $ES_F