Overnight structure

15 Globex

10 min Globex retest 58.5 breakout

NQ 10


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5:31 a.m. RT @eminiwizard: 47.75 agg support for now $ES_F squeeze pivot 5 RTH / held for 67.25 test. Using 71.75 resistance ow.ly/wfdo3004g6d

5:44 a.m. 15 globex ow.ly/5EW73004hqf breakout 58.5 support for now $ES_F young man’s game overnight

If took convenient trade PFS by 60.25, trail only for more $ES_F

58.5 retest is a yeehaa $ES_F

@archi_trader Paid For Sure. means tighten stops, scale out, whatever is appropriate. High odds zone where market could change direction

Usually I think a retest zone needs to allow point or so as overshoot behind the retest first time back ow.ly/qGjJ3004uEf $ES_F

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F #MOM_F The 4 most prominent HVN’s above current price are 2051.00, 2061.50, 2067.50 and 2074.25. / 2051 invalid

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F #MOM_F The 5 most prominent HVN’s below current price are 2047.50, 2040.50, 2035.50, and 2029.50 / nice info thanku

@archi_trader only 140 characters to work with, more if u count twitter traders…

overnight demon is 67.5 PFS if long $ES_F

The overnight move was low to high = buy a pb near 58 retest $ES_F accept gifts 72 still resistance target

@lehmanterms thank you… 85 and sunny, lots of water so extra six pack of golf balls ow.ly/mPVh3004ONt $ES_F avoid trouble day

T1 today was 79.75 ow.ly/olJr3005zFI “avoid trouble” I had a feeling we would test LWH 77+ when IB held 62 $ES_F 75.25 gap closed

NQ 10 ow.ly/4z3n3005Abj clearly above the line in an alligator pattern. looks like a Tedious day #EMWS