5 Globex

support and resistance

15 Globex 40 test

5 Globex 46 IB break, agg resistance 45.25

BIg Picture with key pivot line

3 Box System

5 RTH Lunch bounce retest IB break

60 NQ

Late day structure

5 RTH umbrella shaping up

broken record

No Snow

Giving Advice

This I swear is True

Anger management

The Power of Words


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“And that’s wrap #marketprofile takes care of risk for you”. Let me be clear about this: We alone are responsible

Night all, hope it was a good day for you

60 Position or swing long traders if added with 24.75 support reminder 52/53 resistance until broken $ES_F

The Power of words This is a very smart market $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 thanks for your thoughts. Not surprised really. 24.75 was big idea. 38 broke, so perfect test is 48/49 $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 Bulls need to defend 43 first, then 37, bears 55, 58.25 $ES_F will be tough day, market held 2031.25 Pivot and reversed

@stocktrader0610 agree with 2 way day. Using agg resistance 52 to 55 for now $ES_F hit and run

even in corrective markets we get vicious snap back rallies. Cannot let the market run against us. Use stops $ES_F Good day yest be choosy

@3FACESOFAST thank you. Bears need to stop the squeeze first, will need several entries probably either way we play $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF part 2 @ATMcharts @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital back at u and these traders. thanks Doc!

RT @TheFibDoctor: Trading group open to public Friday, March 8 – worth a look, (I did yesterday) great teacher #FF

5 globex 2 way day if shorts get lucky. Bulls getting back into pigs pockets $ES_F PFS by 52 if long

@TheFibDoctor back at u Doc – D

RT @RenaTrader: S traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire Thanks and back at u Renato #FF wtg steady accumulation

until 43.25/42 is taken out, today is nightmare day for all those shorts who missed yesterday $ES_F

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@PivotBoss thanks Frank, much appreciated and back at you. #FF

Timing Trade 55 to 58.25 resistance, shorts need to step up soon time and price $ES_F

PFS into half gap 42/ 41.75 and good fortune below $EMWS thank u generals for backing up the train $ES_F odds trade and nothing more

@3FACESOFAST gotta beat 37 first $ES_F singles and doubles are ok in this business sometimes get a bit more #EMWS

NQ leading the troops south side $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele great post Deli. would like to see 37.5 test doubt it will be easy need 39.25 first $ES_F 15 globex

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F Next target on the down side is 2034.00 / 2 x IB gets the 37.75 target before Gap. step by step

@tilbert Shorts defended turf, so did longs, mid range tug of war $ES_F market is swinging, not trending right now

If short PFS at 39.25/ or trail if got any $ES_F 456 ID trade done at 39.25 #EMWS

They know right where to catch us $ES_F #criminal handbook lol #EMWS think like a crook and we will be ok

@tilbert Dont need to be a pig. both sides have money . If u played today’s contra, u should be able to take swim anytime now $ES_F

@SusanCTShore we want that last 2 tics and give back 5 points $ES_F just the way it is risk/reward #EMWS Let me know when its 80 in CT

need to use 48/52 as resistance for short side, longs dead in the water below it $ES_F 37.5 support intact for now

5 Globex speed chart for now $ES_F

step by step… stops down on re entries day trade 48/52 down to 44 stops for 37.5 take what u can $ES_F

@tilbert utl under all the moving averages on that 5 chart I posted. Until above all of them ok, above is bowtie $ES_F

Hit and run best if playing. 2037.75 is the player $ES_F

The Big Bull Bear Line is here $ES_F

@gb00splusx lol until 37.5 goes Boyz pushing up $ES_F

RT @e Bulls need to defend 43 first, then 37, bears 55, 58.25 $ES_F will be tough day, market held 2031.25 Pivot and reversed

Position squaring now and shorts in the pipe (45.25) very aggressive $ES_F accept stops as part of the game

shorts may get jammed one more time $ES_F

@tilbert retest IB break your 46 good enough for govt work $ES_F

@tilbert well done 48.75/52 need to hold for shorts $ES_F

This is a continuation trade Intraday. Boyz set it up to protect 37.75 / 32 $ES_F

@tilbert splitting hairs in the 37/ 38 zone it’s key though. year opened 2037.75 $ES_F

risk only 10% of profits if any now and be choosy. Good week? Protect your gains my advice. guessing highs and lows for day already in $ES_F

should make at least one more high if I know the Boyz $ES_F if they can’t, helps short side. magnet 44.75

45.25 ‘s get 2 and better than walmart $ES_F tough here

good fortune below 42.25 $ES_F

Nq guide

Trailers now at 39.5 the rest is up to the BoyZ 37.5 still a hope and a promise $ES_F

@gabman1313 measure 30.25 to 54.25 and please tell me the middle $ES_F at times very cryptic others 2037.75 year open blunt as I can say it

things like “the pipe” mean nothing to u unless u understand MM. Magnet 44.75 is the primary balance of power for #EMWS right now

RT @e Bulls need to defend 43 first, then 37, bears 55, 58.25 $ES_F will be tough day, market held 2031.25 Pivot and reversed / cryptic?

Bears defended 55, so far longs defended 37 $ES_F that was my vision of today’s primary battlefield. #EMWS

Pedal to the metal paid by 36/ 35.5 for sure

dont give back 5 for 1 or 2 more stops down gap 1 point away

32 important support now $ES_F

risk reward said accept gifts 1 hr to go $ES_F 48 resistance all stops down, and catch the meat of the move

@gabman1313 The IB low was 46, and on that retest longs couldnt get any more pressure to squeeze shorts to 48/52 so retest/failure

@hummybear day trade shorts will want to cover soon, agg resistance now 42 for gap fill and possibly 33.25 $ES_F 32 support

@hummybear longs lost their edge when couldnt test 48.75 so this is gap fill trade

remember movie “the longest yard”? get within point of gap and risk reward comes in $ES_F takes several rotations usually sometimes no fill

Needed the rain line to let go and back into the umbrella 5 RTH no bowtie $ES_F

one target is 33.25 and another 31.75 so I split the difference said 32 support near Big Pivot 2031.25 $ES_F last hr make sure risk reduced

@AnthonyCrudele well done Deli #FF this great Pro

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F Next target on the down side is 2034.00 / well done, had to work for dinner though lol #FF

@AnthonyCrudele 🙂 u betcha be well AC

@MissTrade lol all i can say why not weigh in with a bit of color commentary during the day? U my friend anyways 🙂

@spz_trader Holey Moley! Sorry ’bout that @sellputs

@verniman u do nice work and help a lot of traders, me included #FF

done by 41/42 if bought EOD $ taking

Ladies and Gentlemen: Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing your ideas $ES_F Enjoy Life

@epos159 suffering here too 🙂 be well

@phemsworth couldn’t have said it any better. I used to love to ski all day, play hockey. Wish I could tolerate the cold better now. ciao

@MissTrade thanks Matt. “Be neither a bull nor a bear, but a seeker of the truth” -A. Elder $ES_F back at u #FF

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@hummybear I suppose so. When I give people the simple version they dont believe me so I have stopped trying

Instead of a simple “thank you” we often get criticism in today’s world. Comes with the territory. tough to share 22+ years experience

34 not near enough to 34.75/ 33.25 I guess after recommending 52/55 resist in morning and 37 bounce and 45.25 aggressive re-entry $ES_F 🙁

Leaving on a positive note, thanks to all of u who have supported my efforts the past 6.5 or so years. Doing my best $ES_F

@hummybear Peace. It’s all good. We share maybe 80% of the ideas, but the critical 10 to 20% is what cost you the big bucks, its worth it.

@spz_trader thanks Pauly. We are all doing the best we can. We need emotional control with people and markets

@MissTrade Markets are too complex for simplistic answers Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein

“Everything in life serves me.” I want to be the dumbest person in the room and soak up your knowledge, your experiences as well as my own

Best to all, have a great weekend. “Let it come to you” still works after all these years Be a lover not a fighter

Back from dinner and I just wanted to say thanks to all for your responses, very much appreciated. #Teamwork, respect for others bottom line