The Fat Lady sings #EMWS kudos #LadyHuskies and the fighting Irish

Retest in the 456 zone #EMWS $ES_F

Intuition and educated guessing are legitimate tools #EMWS $ES_F

09:30 E think second mouse gets cheese 10:01 E 82 stops if shorting 10:40 E: 68 possible bingo 65 support #EMWS $ES_F

Luck plays a big part in trading but only if u have some idea how markets work #EMWS $ES_F

assumed battlefield for range trading find one good trade a day #EMWS $ES_F focus makes the difference

11:46 E done into 77/78 #EMWS $ES_F 12:00 E think backing and filling. under 72 lucky

@MissTrade so your method means 48.5 +/- a pivot for middle of the fairway?

@FXtradingMentor dali was a genius… love that imagery #EMWS

@MissTrade lol so friendly game of golf we can play and i can get preferred lie within yard or so… nice to know #EMWS hit ’em straight

14:00:24 Emini Wizard stop 82 til broken 14:01:24 Emini Wizard 69.5 is angel / 65.25 is all day angel #EMWS $ES_F

10:42:01 Emini Wizard 65 support #EMWS $ES_F

14:30 E yest demon 79.75 $ES_F 14:36 E swing mid is 72.5 #EMWS 14:38 E done into 74/72 second mouse getting fat

@MissTrade rofl. does it have a holder for your mint julip too? #EMWS

Sting  #EMWS  $ES_F  “ know one thing well

lots of support charts in play, liked 120 globex  $ES_F   #EMWS  NQ 30 globex chart in play

30 min globex in play #EMWS $ES_F   these as well   #kiss

@MissTrade roflmao. does golfboard have an underwater model? sometimes I am out of the floaters #EMWS

@MissTrade actually I think golf needs new ideas like target golf, executive 12 hole courses etc.Too much time and $ hurting the game #EMWS

@MissTrade found this… a nice recap of evolution  they forgot to mention 19th hole #EMWS

@MissTrade back in CT… played once in fla had lucky 87  btw remember the maynard?  #EMWS