15 Globex overnight

47 Test

5 Globex, the umbrella set up

3 Box System 58.25 resistance

Assessing premarket important support and resistance references 15 RTH

52.25 Bull/bear idea 5 Globex

Big Boy Boxes


Big Pic Ideas previously posted earlier in the week


5 RTH continuation trade for re-entry or add ons

5 RTH knife hitting T2 30 and S2 at 28.25

H and S and 26/27 SOC FOMC target achieved

5 RTH 38 Resistance EOD

Armstrong on the Dow


Shape of My Heart sting

Fed up is axiomatic, and maybe 50% of the time we get a profit taking swing within two days.

Sharing what I have told #EMWS members for years.

5:15 am. If short PFS by 53, magnet at 52.75 ow.ly/10odsy $ES_F

5:20 am. RT @eminiwizard: SOC 51.25 PFS need it above 52.75 to keep squeeze on Demon 53 $ES_F / this is a retest #EMWS 51.25 is SOC

5:28 am This was a bucket shop close with a sweeper MATD 48.25 aggressive support ahead of that 45.75 squeeze pivot $ES_F

5:40 am. Bingo 48.25 trailers for more yest middle is 47.75 and 456 trade in play $ES_F

5:43 am. 4/6 3:03 RT @e: RT @e: T2 is 61 today #EMWS $ES_F 58.25 to 62 resistance agg support 45/ 42 ///”Pay attention to support in up trends”

5:58 am. Demon is 60.25 , same as yest high area so resistance until broken ow.ly/10ohU9 catch pieces of the moves $ES_F

6:06 am. using 52.25 for bull bear zone , two way day expected, s1 47 $ES_F

Armstrong on the Dow ow.ly/10oskt #EMWS 5 globex ow.ly/10osHZ $ES_F

shorts will want to get paid ahead of news, assuming the overnight drift lower was for longs protecting some profits $ES_F

if bought the db 47 s1 zone as a convenient trade PFS by 51.25/ 52 and flat for news $ES_F MATD may be soft today (1.5 points and turtles who stuck neck out needed to acknowledge turtle soup)

48.75 angel test … weak hands long being knocked out $ES_F too early to call it a trend day $ES_F testing for support (sensing trend day coming)

Objective criteria reduces (but wont eliminate) our emotional response ow.ly/10oDjA $ES_F punch and counter punch

@MrTopStep you cant handle it… ow.ly/10oE5I classic Jack losing his cool TRUTH

RT @FuturesTrader71: LIVE #TraderBite in 1 min. stage5trading.com/traderbite Current mkt context & plan

viewing 15 RTH for perspective before the open ow.ly/10oFmr $ES_F at least one head fake today

RT @50Pips: all of our latest charts > 50pipsfx.com/category/16-ch… #forex #futures / hard working pro #kiss nice charts 50

Stop run the 45.75 by shorts a must or we get range $ES_F timing should be for longs, no move yet. second mouse may be better odds

RT @TheFibDoctor: See how I draw Fibonacci levels on several instruments, free day in the trading group Log in here: zoom.us/j/4336113928

Can hit bounce or two today with intraday trend, best oppty short was overnight 62 resistance $ES_F shake and bake yesterday, eating pie now

RT @AnthonyCrudele: seeing curve flattening this morning 5yr vs 30yr; wouldnt be surprised to see sellers hit #ES_F on the open

half gap 53.25 and will use that for resistance IB $ES_F

cover by 45 /42 support first time back is plan $ES_F (lock profits)

cover by 43.5 to 42.5 $ES_F u got a trailer tight stop $ES_F

@MissTrade good for u Matt wtg. I wish I thought of that, dang. $ES_F (well, allow me a bit of sarcasm now and then)

37.75 the key still, retesting the 43.25 prior year high yet again $ES_F ow.ly/10oVvJ

looking for divergence in ticks as a clue for bounces $ES_F 38 is T1 today, MATD buyers crippled

Protect profits time $ES_F if u buy use tight stop and must have profits willing to risk #EMWS kings and queens day

Big Range, flexible tape readers who can read/trade the tape both ways kudos ow.ly/10oZ2N $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 thank u

@gb00splusx I like finviz for snapshot view ow.ly/10oZUJ #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: using 52.25 for bull bear zone , two way day expected, s1 47 $ES_F / one way day so far honor your stop loss rule

yesterday’s angel 2038 and t1 today dont squander profits 47 now agg resistance $ES_F

reminder big picture 2031.25 to 2032 the key zone not been penetrated in long time $ES_F same notes as posted ow.ly/10p6qE

T2 today is 30 stop 44 now for swing short $ES_F

kings and queens is a reversal day retesting the prior day’s range 52.25 was right bull/ bear line $ES_F

39.75 is current angel. Trend day when we keep moving an angel or demon. this is 4th angel attempt $ES_F

@Marketrend lol hi Carlos, hope all is well 🙂

@canuk1 thanks Tom, much appreciated. Hope u aren’t shoveling too much snow

@spz_trader lol if i wanted to rub it in… be right back, pool time 🙂

5 RTH stops down into db test ow.ly/10pkeT trailers are hailers today $ES_F play your own game and be true to yourself

if u add contracts on bounces, reminder each new add must stand on its own $ES_F sharp bounces come out of nowhere in corrective moves

@AnthonyCrudele so far so good, not sure about timing for your target, nice directional bias Deli $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele many outstanding pros to learn from like you with technology and tools available today. 20 years ago much harder . thank u

stops down for yeehaa ow.ly/10pxoW longs been tough backed against a wall $ES_F

targets 32/31.25 in sight and gravy time for re entries/ trailers $ES_F

@verniman had SOC about 27 if I remember correctly $ES_F manage stops

s 2 28.25 today fwiw $ES_F

@BidnAsk thank u ow.ly/10pAge 24.75 was the next major test posted under 31.25 ow.ly/10pAGQ $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele close enough for govt work, outstanding premise Deli #FF $ES_F

Time and price suggest day traders PFS now as risk reward may change soon $ES_F

@ManOverMarket well done Mom

in True trend days we will get stopped out 5 times guessing against trend b4 right once $ES_F never know for sure til hindsight stops down

No chest thumpin’, just reading the tape. Stay humble, or market will make us so $ES_F

The Professional Edge ow.ly/10pFJv $ES_F trail til it fails for 24.75 test or capture if out of bullets #EMWS

Big Picture view playing out ow.ly/10pGHu 18/22 support for day trade profit taking $ES_F

using 38 resistance now for swing shorts $ES_Frisk/reward time and price needed bounce, can always re-enter or go flat #EMWS 1 hr to go

@gubbmintcheese like dodgeball, duck when face ripper comes $ES_F

@SusanCTShore lol absolutely time and price if had $$ good day short was worth EOD buy for profit taking PFS by 35.5 to 36.5 if long

now playing… if i had a hammer… I could only sing one tune $ES_F retest 34.5 to 35 zone

every re entry or add MUST stand on its own or get in trouble fast ow.ly/10pM9V $ES_F

low is likely in for day $ES_F time to go shovel snow

@PatrickGrattan lol 🙂

Re-entries/ holdovers at the close if you used 38 resistance make sure paid into 31.25 and 28.75 Angel is also a key. MATD trade $ES_F