60 Globex MATD may be soft today, stolen range reversal

Gap chart 12/4 2072

10 Globex The Open

5 RTH with supports

10 Globex

My firebird (past life in mid 70’s)

15 Globex, our base chart

15 A and D

5 RTH at the Rain line

Reposting 15 Gobex numbers friday’s mid 51.25 and 53.5 swing middle

30 Globex

Little Darlin’

ill in Illinois



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@MissTrade @AndreaTrades and any I missed, thank you. “None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Jim Rohn

We can have a difference of opinion on market direction, methodologies, timing. Respect for others is still the common denominator #EMWS

It’s the unconquerable soul of man, not the nature of the weapons he uses, that insures victory – Patton, MasterTraders by @HamzeiAnalytics

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@MissTrade nice birdwatch for errant tee shot on #5. Double bogey instead? Good luck, Go Lady Huskies 72 resistance target next mulligan #4

RT @TheFibDoctor: The Fib Doctor’s Morning Market News fb.me/2dEiUscs6

@MissTrade Awesome. when you are through using Rudy to find the right place to short, I’ll borrow him. 🙂

@MissTrade ok. Thank Rudy for his analysis, “we shall see”. position support 2031.25, swing support 43.25, day t support as posted friday

armstrong markets in review ow.ly/10eZVT

some of today’s MATD punch may already be in the market ow.ly/10fWRr $ES_F

Rudy says there’s a 2072 gap from 12/4 ow.ly/10g1bB $ES_F

Just a hunch that gap traders should get paid for sure into 65.5 $ES_F #convenient trade 🙂

Angel 62.75, Demon 70 magnet at 64.75 and using Friday’s high 67 as Bull Bear idea

10 Globex ow.ly/10gkBu 2 way day likely $ES_F

Best edge for shorts is already gone. U snooze u lose $ES_F

RT @e: @ciscohitt Thanks cisco appreciate your sharing. step by step system 58.25 agg support then 55, 52 all before the 46.25 posted $ES_F

5 RTH ow.ly/10goyI $ES_F guessing shake and bake not plunge south day #EMWS

done by 59.5 to 58.25 if short $ES_F more is good fortune $ES_F

10 globex ow.ly/10gDlu $ES_F nice rhythm this morning

@PipCzar this was my most fun to drive, Hurst shift ow.ly/10gG7U

Friday’s High intact nice clue for second shake $ES_F 72 resistance target also intact

15 Globex ow.ly/10gL5x #EMWS $ES_F

if bought day trade buy at 58.25, 456 in play and in the pipe targets 64.25 PFS and 66 remaining $ES_F consolidation day so far

Intraday trend down search for support 66, 67 agg resistance $ES_F dont OT. New high rejected reauction fri pm range ow.ly/10hbuI

@AnthonyCrudele @ManOverMarket Kudos u nailed the 55, 56 test idea $ES_F 5 RTH ow.ly/10hftE these guys are underfollowed

Re posting the important numbers ow.ly/10hh0K PFS all but trailers by 53.5 $ES_F 456 trade

30 Globex ow.ly/10hiQw High level consolidation shouldn’t bust 52/51 If it does then I am wrong $ES_F 67 nice resist #EMWS

ill in Illinois ow.ly/10hpM1 armstrong #EMWS for simplicity hard to beat finviz for an overview ow.ly/10hr8J

Time and price aligning if day trade short stops down and PFS near dbl bottom test $ES_F

T1 was 55.75 today, T2 is 50.5 make sure paid in this zone just a suggestion $ES_F

Little Darlin’ ow.ly/10hu5y $ES_F intraday trend down, a few bounces and beautiful rhythm lower lows lower highs today #EMWS

Done by 53.25 / 52.25 $ES_F Pool time , have fun all