Step by Step  finding the hidden order in chaos #EMWS $ES_F yesterday’s notes 

#kiss  accumulate profits. Step by step singles and doubles add up. #EMWS $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: NFP numbers for May released the 8th, not the 1st. I’ll open my trading group to the public Friday, May 8th.

9:55 E at 88 db must cover something 9:55 E door opens to 85/84.5/ 82 #EMWS $ES_F 9:57 E 84.25 is the yeehaa target

10:19 E use 82.. right now // if bought 11:05 E 92 to 93.75 be happy / trailers only above 94 #EMWS $ES_F 10:01 E yeeehaaa make sure paid

11:25 Zeek 96.25 key resistance this rotation  #EMWS $ES_F 2nd entry shorts good fortune sub 85

reposting targets  #EMWS $ES_F 13:21 E descending triangle possible // dont forget gap 75.5 trail under 82

suggested trailers cover into 72 #EMWS $ES_F any day low avail

we wont buy against plunge, but suggest cover into 72 and above 68.5. Price can go any low. trailers only for more #EMWS $ES_F

This is descending triangle we hoped played out  10 min RTH #EMWS $ES_F

with profits, we had buyers who wanted to risk a few can use 68 support for EOD buy. 79.5 is magnet #EMWS $ES_F right exit on shorts

retest is 83.5 be done 82 to 83 if long #EMWS $ES_F

@verniman dont forget 88.75 #EMWS $ES_F


Bonus Charts available for those who take the time to see a bit more



End of Day bounce levels

EOD Angels and Demons with DTL

Tunnel vision

Five minute chart with Descending Triangle

Repost of morning level chart with updated gap close


Umbrella Trade extraordinaire…