MATD Premarket

OTF Important pivot test at yesterday low

58.5 Test

Gap Chart

Step by Step supports

PFS by 47.25 s2 /45 time and price may (finally) agree 43.75/42 support

Kaiser Soze

The Umbrella Trade

Re-entry Zone 57.25/58 on retest No Heat


EOD The Chart in Play

Lefty Louie invaluable

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@wfjp you are welcome Ash.

@waynelord2010 Thank you Wayne, take your time and be in it for the long haul

MATD has produced a few shekels, testing 67.25 $ES_F cant get too aggressive double bottom testing

#EMWS system visual trading $ES_F trailers only past 67.25

62 next if lucky $ES_F

using 62 as support target make sure paid by 62 . Big dog is 58.5 low as shown yesterday in chart $ES_F

RT @FuturesTrader71: Heading toward gap zone. Starts at 2064. Gap mid is 61.25 and gap low is 58.50 #FT71 #ES_F Shown on FlexLevels

risk and reward idea coming in now time and price $ES_F

note tick divergence new low – 1213 vs yest low of – 1558 $ES_F subtle clues

@WSJ Hiam Ginott got it right

@StevieT118 Longs are being forced out and made to pay up… should get a bounce soon

Using the 73 gap as resistance, hit and run. Primary target for #EMWS is 62, good fortune below $ES_F

58.5 to 56.5 for trailers $ES_F

T1 is 55.75 today $ES_F good fortune MATD territory

Target line hit $ES_F 2052.25 presumed support, careful of snap backs in umbrella trade

Bingo 55 stops down

gap is closed , stops run. monitoring yest low 65.25 rest of day as bull bear zone $ES_F

@spz_trader thanks for your insights Pauly #FF

@AnthonyCrudele nice zone Deli, well done $ES_F savvy young Turk #FF

Gap chart showing the panama canal financial engineering leverage election year mayhem $ES_F

washed out the longs position stops today $ES_F reposting a chart

same as before any re entries paid by 56.5 stops down $ES_F 65.25 a key

@stocktrader0610 thank u for your insight. in a knife we never know how far. 49/51 showed up but Boyz will try and defend 52 $ES_F

If bought weekly puts yesterday good time to cash in $ES_F
Find one good trade a day, manage it with a trailer/ one re entry and keep profits is a formula for success #EMWS

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RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire thanks Renato and back at u #FF

@casper409 thanks Paolo, very much appreciated #FF back at u

PFS by 53/52 and luck for more

stops down to 52 and any day low but 45/ 43.75 now next important level 47.5 is the .61 extension #EMWS

s2 47.25 tagged

Lunch coming all targets have been hit short side. Don’t have to buy but make sure stops down now if played the short side $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 need profit taking for shorts, 42 stop for those with profits looking to scalp long $ES_F

RT @SJosephBurns: #FF traders:
@edgewonk Thanku

@stocktrader0610 well done. nice simple 50 offa idea and leave the last 2 for risk reward $ES_F #kiss #EMWS

Best 2 days shorts have had in a long time $ES_F Kaiser Soze yesterday

The Umbrella Trade prints it fast in corrective markets this is the pattern we look for #EMWS

@stocktrader0610 cant blame you. It just felt like “finally” time and price we needed a bounce 58.5 break should be a key $ES_F

@BidnAsk u welcome, have nice weekend

minimum bounce should get to 57.25 to 58 if its contra $ES_F

stretched and this is profit taking leg by Shorts #sequence trading $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: How to hit those Fibonacci targets:… #FF great pro who keeps it simple

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F #MOM_F #FUTURES final target today 2036.00 /low odds for me. daily double and would challenge 37.75 year open

Angel test is 49.25 PFS if re entered short $ES_F

Now its up to the trading Gods, not me $ES_F any day low available in knife, but protect profits time (if any)

Position Squaring $ES_F Hope you played well, thanks all for the amazing posts and insights you shared #EMWS nice weekend to all

@myopiniontweetz I felt this push coming in my bones didnt play it, was in the pool have plans for tonight $ES_F

“Who would have an amazing two days short and leave the profits exposed?” #EMWS

This was chart in play Step by step $ES_F #MOM’s target was 1 step lower, could have but I thought $ taking needed

RT @wolftrader18: Great #ES_F Traders : @FuturesTrader71 @verniman @PivotBoss @eminiwizard Thank You Gentlemen.. have an amazing weekend.

@wolftrader18 Thank you very much wolfman. Wolf waver?

@TheFibDoctor Thanks Dave! Best to you and yours

@spz_trader thanks Pauly! well on your way to your target, shouldn’t be any complaints about 2 days of selling as you suggested #FF

@Precog1982 Thank you, much appreciated. Time and price was an odds call and an “I know what the Boyz want to do”. #kiss

@myopiniontweetz You have my interest piqued, so let’s see how this plays out., and Thank you $ES_F Step by step here

RT @Lisa_Ward1990: @eminiwizard @spz_trader Thanks so much Guys!! / 🙂 thanks Lisa

@Precog1982 lol. More darts for my soothsayer obviously 🙂

@myopiniontweetz many would probably agree with you, and I’ve been called worse before… 2 out of three ok with me