Angels & demons  92 support  late yesterday 12.5 resistance  $ES_F

Flexible ? Stop 08 for short  #EMWS 95 support  $ES_F our thinking

We had this box as high odds trading range needing resolution  #EMWS $ES_F

09:08 Emini Wizard 75% possibility inside day before FOMC / (Just a guess) #EMWS $ES_F

11:35 E reminder if trade careful of new lows like 93.75 to 92 #EMWS $ES_F chewing yesterday’s tail 92.5 yest angel

Paid for sure into 92. longs still trapped, we liked 93.75 to 92 test #EMWS $ES_F wimps time for lunch

@ciscohitt shakin out yesterday’s longs… still inside day  #EMWS $ES_F

U want more short? need trailer or re entry  #EMWS $ES_F T1 86.75 is assumed support target. 88.75 reminder

@ciscohitt key was failure to close gap. law of alternation; would’t ramp again today in squeeze ahead of fomc

wimp here taking lunch  #EMWS $ES_F stay at the slots too long and give it all back

@ciscohitt fireworks later 98.75 zone now important back later thanks cisco $ES_F

Use 09 as resistance  levels  educated guesses or dumb luck? #EMWS $ES_F