Overnight low at 2070.25 a double  attempt

Knife 96.25 still resistance FOMC plays out a pump and dump

94 squeeze

NQ 120

Bigger Pic

E thoughts

More Thoughts from FOMC Trade

30 globex  a double

85 test from below

Angels and Demons, 85 violated

Paid for Sure in 88 / 92 Gap zone if Long

Gap closed, Kings and Queens

The Gatekeepers

NQ 120

Big Picture update

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20 handles oops 81 the SOC 72 needs to hold, if not 67.25 support gets tested overnight $ES_F Keeping 96.25 as resistance

@MissTrade many ways to play the Nassau my friend 🙂

@BidnAsk roflmao. tales from the crypt.. lol

@CoderTrader Coder don’t know. It’s a game Boyz play. Pump and dump, I call it FED up. This was a doozy, missed all of it, heading to bed

If we step back enough like 60 chart a bit easier to see levels ow.ly/4nbbJ9 $ES_F good night all

2067.25 support intact…for now ow.ly/4nbM5K $ES_F

@CoderTrader Many times I have right idea but will Miss trades like this overnight move. Picked up friends at the airport, gotta have a life

NQ 120 ow.ly/4nbUoO #EMWS

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F #MOM_F BULL BEAR ZONE: 2080.75 to 2082.25 // thanks for sharing your ideas

RT @e: Will continue to use 85 as bull bear line $ES_F /stolen range. aggressive day trade shorts today drop losers try again 1 more time

96.25 resistance held, bigger picture view ow.ly/4nc4qw $ES_F step by step

thinking 2 way day, 81 SOC important, also yesterday’s low at 76.25 for reference points $ES_F Agg support targets 2067.25/2065.5

RT @FuturesTrader71: #TradeWisdom: Will comment on taking losses today during #TraderBite Seeing trading habits that r troubling #FT71 #ES_F

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@Ancient_Warrior @FXDIRK @ATTechFX @foxandrue @diamondsforex @casper409 @RenaTrader @NordicLene @leanco @spz_trader Have a good Thursday all

convenient traders cover most by 79.25 to 81 $ES_F good fortune above 82.25

Double Trouble ow.ly/4ncbXe $ES_F 85.75 is half gap resistance Target

@alaidi enjoyed it, love Bobby Axe and Billions too

RT @HamzeiAnalytics: exit #FB now mid is 2.30 // bravo Admiral / nice trade General

Trailers only above 83.25 if long $ES_F

Stolen range days usually give better odds for the bounce, why aggressive short traders need stop and try again $ES_F Boyz are good part 2

456 completes at 85.25 ow.ly/4nce4U $ES_F Stay humble

reauctioning that fast move down last night. stop eaters. using 88 /92 resistance zone $ES_F

its all about risk and reward $ES_F

Half gap odds used to be 82% (Carter and Senters) ; not sure if that’s true anymore but high odds trade

The generals liked the buy $ES_F trade with the smart money ow.ly/4ncgK5

longs scale 88.25 advised, if want more better have trailer ow.ly/4nchTi

Body bags all around, low is probably in for the day, range trade. Keep what u made if any $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics lol “I dont think so”, and dont give me the PDI routine
amazing, gap closed within an hour and a half of the open $ES_F avoid trouble now. Bulls yell loudest at tops, bears at the lows

@HamzeiAnalytics lol “I dont think so”, and dont give me the PDI routine

Reality check: I did not expect gap to be closed so easily @SJosephBurns always says Mike Tyson uppercut changes our plans dont be stubborn

Up to mr 96.25 now to hold this beast. ow.ly/4ncyYi 93.75 demon $ES_F

@Jediphone @alsabogal Lol. open above 76.25 first clue, 81 SOC beat second clue, 85 shouldn’t have been violated third clue $ES_F

Kings and Queens days are tough ow.ly/4nd3gX Shorts need to undo 81/82 for any hope of Pete and Repeat $ES_F

#EMWS Two way traders: if played lunch contra paid for sure by 83.25/ 82.5 $ES_F

79.25 completes a 456, so 78.5 assumed support ahead of 76.25 $ES_F days high and low probably in. 81 SOC test done from above

Cover your ears… we are about to hear squeals of delight from the shorts now #EMWS ow.ly/4ndbrH NQ

anyone who didnt leave chips on table or get stopped out today let me know your secret $ES_F

Stops down into 78.5 trailers are hailers now $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 not an easy day when the Boyz run the ladder all the way up

@tilbert then watching 72/75 for clue

@tilbert At this level and “time” need flexibility or will get hammered

@spz_trader lol should be the right near term resistance as we talked. discipline and re enter needed

@PatrickGrattan lol wait til u get to be my age
85/82 broke, triggered test of 76 and 72

@spz_trader thank u Pauly

@dougby1 add at least 5 or 6 points to where we think they will stop and we have a chance

Boyz crushed both sides today. Day not over. angel 71.75

85 stop rest of day for breaking 70, test 67.25

@HeidsterTrades impossible not to abandon too soon. need to jump back in if have profits willing to risk

dont give back 8 to make 3 $ES_F


RT @e: thinking 2 way day, 81 SOC important, also yesterday’s low at 76.25 for reference points $ES_F Agg support targets 2067.25/2065.5

time for a swim, hope I helped u with a few ideas. Not an easy day $ES_F

@EminiScalperPro Amen brother and thank u ! Kaiser Soze day $ES_F

@gb00splusx Thank you 85 and sunny. Today was one of the nastier days we have seen in the market. Long way home trade for 65 /67.25 $ES_F

Bigger picture important ow.ly/4ndrX7 update $ES_F

@MissTrade lol no, friends over for dinner. Pretty course if you can find the fairway. Brought your pail and shovel to play in the sand?