5 RTH during IB

Current 2 Boxes

Stop run coming after news, 78 intact

10 RTH   Post FOMC squeezing

3 Box System



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@BidnAsk thank you. I try to exercise every day, walk and swim, sometimes rollerblade. nice to see people too, not just stare at computer

@MissTrade Actually skillful pros are happy to do battle with the amateurs ow.ly/4nb2qL $ES_F glad u enjoyed your day off

@EminiScalperPro Currently no. Enjoying some time freedom for now.

@spz_trader wtg Pauly be well

Pool time Hope you got a piece of the action. weekly calls? scale something $ES_F

10 RTH ow.ly/4nazbW Had a feeling key was 81/82 holding on the profit taking leg $ES_F

Jammin with Big Bob M ow.ly/4naxWJ $ES_F

RT @e: 92 to 95 for trailers, 90.75 T1 and 94.25 T2 PFS by gap #EMWS / 1 tick missing nothing to prove get paid if played jam $ES_F

@spz_trader getting near that gift we talked about yesterday…

Boyz are good at what they do ow.ly/4nawx6 $ES_F FED up

RT @e: Will continue to use 85 as bull bear line $ES_F

Thanks Deli… smart as always. I just thought they try to bust Shorts stops test 92/95

@FuturesTrader71 I thought had chance to bust stops above 92. If they kept it above 86 would have been easier to squeeze $ES_F nice post

I thought market had chance to jam shorts; they didn”t and that may be a clue for now $ES_F no one blinked yet

Now it gets interesting sideline for conservative traders $ES_F

456 is 83.75 PFS if contra

81 is SOC for benchmark reference $ES_F important support until violated

@MissTrade hope u got some of it, but guessing less is more traders are sidelined

@stocktrader0610 tough cracking 92 , will be key for next rotation long for stop run shorts. 96.25 resistance for #EMWS

92 to 95 for trailers, 90.75 T1 and 94.25 T2 PFS by gap #EMWS

Fed up almost always punches shorts in the face $ES_F but you knew that…

88 to 92 range now the key and protect profits time if played $ES_F

PFS by gap close if bought 78 support trail only $ES_F
RT @e: Simple but not easy ow.ly/4n9YFP #EMWS another lucky guess $ES_F // and another. #EMWSbot range ahead of news

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #NASDAQ 100 cash held 100 dma 4378 previously noted big reason selloff stopped & turned #ES_F

Simple but not easy ow.ly/4n9YFP #EMWS another lucky guess $ES_F

Taking long lunch today and shorts who hold into news I hope it works for you $ES_F time for a walk

T1 76.25 and T2 is 72.5 $ES_F

5 RTH ow.ly/4n9JEV Up to 75/72 to hold things up if 78 let’s go $ES_F

78 test is PFS if played the range $ES_F thank the NQ for the clue

@ciscohitt rofl were you up all night waiting for big move ahead of Fed?

NQ seems to be the leader, use as guide #EMWS

2 way day til someone blinks $ES_F

#EMWS won’t over trade today ahead of FOMC $ES_F happy with seed capital

88/92 remains as aggressive resistance #EMWS $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: “protect profits” if any time. 78 aggressive support intact for now $ES_F // still intact #EMWS

PFS by half gap target 84.75 if long $ES_F

Will continue to use 85 as bull bear line $ES_F

6:09 a.m. @shemesht you welcome, and thank you. “take a long lunch today and avoid trouble ahead of FOMC”