60 globex. behind schedule for target 17  $ES_F

09:29 E r1 19.25 //cover into 15 half gap, 14.75 fri high retest, 13.75 middle, pp 11 and 12.5 as gap $ES_F 8:42 E 20/22 resist for now

09:16 Emini Wizard i encourage all stops up if u traded premarket for 17 to 18 $ES_F common sense #kiss

10:01 E gravy above 18.75 #EMWS $ES_F 10:03 E still using 20/ 22 as resist for now 9:14 E and assume support is the gap 11.75

#kiss. we use simple ideas as well as complex. simple is better  #EMWS $ES_F

11:33 E possibly low odds for undermine the 11 all depends on keeping bounce under 18 11:52 E ovn low is rain line 08.5 #EMWS $ES_F

12:16 E cover into 09 / 8.5 #EMWS $ES_F trail is all . 12:06 E this may be quiet profit taking ahead of aapl

10:09 E that was premise of the 20/22 resistance 10:09 E 1 point away / #EMWS $ES_F risk and reward  18 was primary

retest the 5.5 swing breakout  trailers only below the 8.5. friday’s lows important

Big clue today: >>>>> 10:41 Emini Wizard no volume no one buying here #EMWS $ES_F why would they ahead of news and no $ taking ? #kiss

friday’s angel test 04 🙂 hallelujah #EMWS $ES_F

key retest of overnight low intact now as resistance ow.ly/MbNTz #EMWS $ES_F near target 03.25 say yeehaa

“No one knows exactly where it’s going; we make educated guesses. Take stop outs, collect profits. Sidelines if you don’t like it.” $ES_F

“Paid for sure time and price 2102” #EMWS $ES_F 14:54 Zeek I have 01.75 as target from last week

11:53: E 97.75 t2 always an awareness of potential outlying targets for the trailers (if any) #EMWS $ES_F

confidence is knowing the approximate range and using the Pareto principle to capture 80% of the move if we can #EMWS $ES_F stops down…

@ManOverMarket u need new mascot the NFL standings

2101 is a perfect target.. close all but your wingman for last drop #EMWS $ES_F

@ManOverMarket I been saying that for years lol. Browns fan here.

@ManOverMarket lol where’s Jimmy Brown when we need him? Probably making a movie

Tunnel vision  knocked out double top, then stayed under 17.75 was the reversal marker  $ES_F

this was 6th day up without pb. we thought too much, get paid ahead of aapl news.12:06 this may be quiet profit taking ahead of aapl $ES_F

@ManOverMarket @ChiTownBA @sewerpimp @MarzBonfire @just4girls1 @rugbytrades @onefourdroopy @ciscohitt @shemesht thanks all $ES_F


Gravity caught up with AAPL…