15 Globex Levels  79.75 support Hit

 15 Globex EOD

120 NQ  after hours

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RT @e: My work suggests 70.75 needs to crack… $ES_F risk reward time now // on the money with this hidden pivot. Lucky guess

456 trade completed at 83.75 ow.ly/4n58C1 $ES_F

@iamnicwilson keep it simple. Approximately 40, 50, and 60% retracement of a swing. Shallow pb is 40, normal is 50 and deeper is 60 #EMWS

@iamnicwilson Can measure both directions and in OTF looking for confluence of ideas. Hope that helps #EMWS

@televony @iamnicwilson @stocktrader0610 @billy_ray_ @SusanCTShore @clayidus @OptionM8 @bocajoes @StockSurfer10 @pipsnticks @ROC176 thanku

12:03 a.m. @TraderVolfix @BrentRShelton @onefourdroopy @shemesht @PatrickGrattan thanks to all, much appreciated

6:38 a.m. algos very rhythmical $ES_F calendar FOMC pattern ow.ly/4n6p1L will use 85 as bull bear zone for now

RT @TheFibDoctor: Is trading a little tougher than you thought ? Bookmark this: thefibdoctor.com/daves-night-ca… #study

magnet 82.5 PFS $ES_F

keeping neutral bias and wont over trade/ overthink today $ES_F willing to leave chips on the tabl

@StevieT118 Hi Stevie thank you. love your confidence but 81.25/82 before that as Primary target for #EMWS Didnt even know we could hold 92

Conservative trading here, happy to catch pieces of the swings when we can $ES_F Angel test 82.25, demon 89.75

Profit taking price 80 for #EMWS on stop run ow.ly/4n74p8 $ES_F never know until hindsight, can always re enter

Paid by 86.5 if took the 80/81 buy zone $ES_F no crystal ball here, just lucky guesses

@scor_zone Thank you… was more of an odds idea for a profit taking swing $ES_F

@scor_zone hard to say right now. NQ lagging. Using 85 as bull bear zone as stated this a.m. Lunch chop $ES_F

“protect profits” if any time. 78 aggressive support intact for now $ES_F

Shorts, you wuz set up for the uppercut $ES_F ow.ly/4n80W0 “pay attention to support”

@iamnicwilson u welcome its the one that i use for trend support in different time frames. Some use 150, 200 etc.

@iamnicwilson 🙂 whatever makes sense for you #EMWS

@Lisa_Ward1990 market waiting for FOMC ow.ly/4n8aA6 30 chart 85 pivotal for bull/bear for #EMWS thanks Lisa

@MissTrade nice. Disrupted myself with trip to the pool late afternoon and enjoying 85 and sunny 🙂

NQ 4403 Retest took a long time ow.ly/4n8oqd #EMWS