#EMWS gets its head back in the game by reviewing Friday’s notes $ES_F

Just got back from dinner and looks like pop Corn in the markets. Let the dust settle and then see if any opportunities present themselves

#EMWS using 79.25 to 82.25 as next resistance, 62 as aggressive support 2352 is still major pivot

#EMWS 15 Globex chart in play $ES_F hard to hold anything for more than small day trade if we play today

RT PivotBoss: Don’t forget, Live Sessions begin this afternoon! Here’s the lineup:… #pivotboss #trading #futures #stocks

RT: GIR Research $ES_F $SPY #Futures Overnight trading report bias-1 bullish released 4/23/17 6:10 PM (ET) upper target-4 at $2,378 overnight high $2,376.75.

risk reward awful, WT2 hit already at 76, momo up, shorts need to get off the hook first $ES_F no heroes. sidelines best for conservative

#EMWS If shorted PFS by 2369.5 $ES_F

One day does not make a market. #EMWS conservative traders sidelined for this open $ES_F

#EMWS Trade the PRINTED overnight range first before worrying about new highs or lows Swing target 67.75 first key target for shorts is hit

#EMWS a week ago we were at 2322 and now WWC loves buying 2372 Human nature $ES_F think small day trades today if playing

Wrong Way Charlie

Just an odds idea. Smart to be conservative today Blu. Likely 2 way day

#EMWS Consolidation continues $ES_F

“Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are ignorant rather than open it and remove all doubt.” -Pop kept us humble

#EMWS nice uptrend line since the lunch lows on a 3 minute chart $ES_F Paid by 74 time for a swim

#EMWS EOD range bound in consolidation $ES_F

Thank You

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