shocking to see that 88 range tested again  #EMWS $ES_F

10:44 E we can debate “where are we going etc” or carve something out of day as we did in the first hour all we need one or two good trades

half gap and gap /then fade it  cover into 98/96.5 8:03 E rain line 5 rth at 94

09:59 Emini Wizard possible attempt for the 07/ 08 today // contract high 9.75 #EMWS $ES_F paid for sure by 8.5

12:20 Emini Wizard thinking 12.5 is normal target #EMWS $ES_F

Have a plan  paid by 12.5 stops up. on breakout 4.5 support  #EMWS $ES_F #kiss any day high

11:52 Zeek411 this is going to be ugly for shorts  5 globex  zeek has been on his game today

10:55 Zeek411 we may have pb into Europe close and then lunch ramp #EMWS $ES_F timing impeccable. Knowing primary targets helps book $

14:43 Emini Wizard 9.25 magnet 1 if u buy tight stop #EMWS $ES_F

14:09 E ty i have 14 as t2 flipper 14:07 Emini Wizard so 17 potential target #EMWS $ES_F // our next resistance targets this afternoon

When T2 hit automatic cover and stops up trail only #EMWS $ES_F

so much of trading is dumb luck, isn’t it? #EMWS $ES_F knowing the profit zones, odds, timing helps

@canuk1 Hi Tom, TY. Zeke was the man today. 13:52 Frank: just went flat on my runners, awesome calls from Ewiz and Zeek!!!!! #EMWS $ES_F

keeping 17 stop in place for close for the retests of breakout #EMWS $ES_F

cover into 5.75 retest #EMWS 14: 35 E any re entry long this afternoon is obviously weak hand charlie type buys $ES_F

when the Boyz Hold the price above the breakout, they can squeeze again. Then expect profit taking EOD. #Sequence trading #EMWS

RTH chart Angels and demons chart  10 globex  #EMWS $ES_F

$NQ conforms nicely to moving averages/ math   30 globex   #EMWS

@TraderSmarts @Jediphone @ciscohitt @ChrisTinaFoxx @canuk1 and all favorites thanks all much appreciated #EMWS


Retesting March contract high…