60 Globex overnight

Bigger picture swing levels


15 RTH

30 RTH

Angels and Demons

Rebel Yell

Oh to be young again

88 / 89 May be resistance No one knows for sure

5 RTH I expect rain line to be resistance first time back

NQ leading us south side

15 Globex helping

60 Globex support chart (Not an umbrella, we are above the rain line)

Hidden Pivot identified on the levels chart No spaghetti

30 RTH capping the bounce

Enjoy Life

60 Globex still trapping the range for now

5 RTH eyeing the rain line

Lunch Contra likely that shorts coming outin profit squaring

Levels 81 now aggressive support


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5:03 a. m. stops down into 79 if MATD player 60 chart ow.ly/4mYsVs ES_F

@EminiScalperPro thinking profit taking from short as a partial for sure 79/82 $ES_F
RT @e: 5 RTH ow.ly/4mXwwh wasnt worth the risk holding 82 EOD without contra, but could re enter with 92 stop if play MATD $ES_F

RT @e: 5 RTH ow.ly/4mXwwh wasnt worth the risk holding 82 EOD without contra, but could re enter with 92 stop if play MATD $ES_F

@EminiScalperPro so question now is can shorts undermine yesterday’s low and stay there $ES_F 79 is overnight angel

bigger look ow.ly/4mYvJn $ES_F conservative thinking can get bear flag. take stop try again if like short side

back later

6:57 E Magnet is 87 and demon 87.75 $ES_F yesterday turned out to be mostly one way. wont be too aggressive today, longs will punch back

Bigger pic Yesterday’s RTH High better hold on any bounces today. Aggressive shorts using 92/95 resistance. will need several entries $ES_F

@ciscohitt totally agree, as that’s yesterday’s IB low $ES_F thank u

@ciscohitt nice work cisco, thanks for your insights #FF

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / thank you Renato. Back at you as well #FF

@1250atick MATD says try hitting a bounce, if it doesnt work, so be it $ES_F stops are allowed in this business

Most vulnerable today are traders who missed the short side $ES_F PFS by 83.5 if short

overnight range trade ow.ly/4mYRY6 $ES_F try to get a few points of seed capital

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF These guys are definite follow part II @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital Thanks Doc back at u #FF

@PMSInvestor Big Boyz make the decisions, not us 15 RTH ow.ly/4mYSTm 30 RTH ow.ly/4mYT9K these are important 4 me

3 options: 1) shorts keep pressing forcing longs out 2) longs bounce and push back 3) consolidate yesterday’s plunder $ES_F (all 3)

no trade is ok if u dont like the setup. Respectfully, If u need to ask someone for a trade idea, you aren’t ready yet to be trading #EMWS

@TheFibDoctor back at you Dave ow.ly/4mYV49 may check this out, window shopping only

@ciscohitt I say hit the bounce, MATD, paid by 83.5 to 82, and more is good fortune $ES_F worked 2 x already (worked)

Big Trend right now is up, market is searching for support. “1 day does not make a market” 75.5/ 76 needs to hold or we go lower $ES_F

If u played MATD for the gap, already been rewarded in retest yesterday’s low $ES_F stops down if trailing

Magnet is 87 PFS if long $ES_F

Anything we get today short side is gift is my attitude $ES_F hit and run

@TheFibDoctor u are one cool dude, nice wheels. this was my midlife crisis toy ow.ly/4mZ0np

i think we bust overnight high just to catch late Charlie (NO, it never did)

still in range, 87 magnet will be a clue . 87.75 demon tagged 2 way day so far $ES_F re entries needed either way we play

@tilbert focused on es right now

retrace 88 zone important first responder ow.ly/4mZ3Ts $ES_F

Using Rain line as resistance for now, and longs objective ow.ly/4mZ6eO $ES_F 5 rth hit a bounce or two and avoid trouble

NQ 60 min has nice look to it for short target ow.ly/4mZ877

if short Paid for sure by 83.5 to 82.5 same as b4 $ES_F

15 globex ow.ly/4mZ92V $ES_F 60 globex Power chart ow.ly/4mZala range trading for now

@ciscohitt your crystal ball ok at 89 yesterday’s IB low zone $ES_F shorts lose edge if cannot make new lows this morning $ES_F

Overnight angel 79 $ES_F

Bingo nothing fancy today $ES_F

RT @e: Big Trend right now is up market is searching for support. “1 day does not make a market” 75.5/ 76 needs to hold or we go lower $ES_F

@tilbert that last post was for u

@tilbert 72 is T1 today but gotta get through 75/76 hidden pivot

PAID For Sure 75 ๐Ÿ™‚ #EMWS $ES_F ow.ly/4mZdBw mentioned that zone yesterday as next key

@tilbert step by step 67.25 also a player., so is the 58.25 etc Taking rotations one at a time. this is no man’s land 4/17 run

My Idol talks about most trader’s insatiable appetite ow.ly/4mZftl trail/ re- enter for more $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele nice target Deli. I have that as T2 (lower odds) and every shorts dream come true $ES_F #FF

@ciscohitt lol wow u punk rocker too?

I salute the traders with enough confidence to post their ideas ahead of the moves $ES_F you are valuable resources to me

@AnthonyCrudele agree . 65 low needs retesting, but cant get ahead of ourselves Step by step.

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@casper409 Thank you Paolo, very much appreciated and back at u #FF

@ciscohitt where did those days go… grew old too fast

update on the 30 RTH I mentioned premarket ow.ly/4mZjDf Trades work or they dont $ES_F

Back later. Protect profit time

Took time to go visit a friend and say hi ow.ly/4mZzTK

I knew I was really saying good bye. Dont take anything for granted. World class athlete about 53 years old with ALS #perspective

Back later, 73 potential support target for Team #EMWS flat here

keeping 73/75 support until broken 60 chart the right one ow.ly/4mZLFq position squaring p.m and shorts covering $ES_F magnet 84

Guessing day low is in 5 RTH day trade chart ow.ly/4mZMoq $ES_F lunch contra all we know and maybe more

Levels ow.ly/4mZNp3 had a good day? protect profits was advised long ago. risk small if still playing $ES_F

87.75 demon and more is uh-oh same as before. rain line hit 86.5 stop run still possible $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele be well and nice discipline

Shorts are covering from a great 1.5 days is all we know. Buyers found support 75 for now $ES_F

@verniman #FF quality posts

@BidnAsk ๐Ÿ™‚ if u ain’t done it by now, not going to happen $ES_F be well

Plan today was not be too aggressive. If boyz jammed first, take stop, try again ow.ly/4mZQek if got the 75/76 test be happy

@TraderSmarts nas doubled off 4430, good signal today. weak sister

Day trading allows us to choose when to play: Overnight, Premarket, Primary. Find the best odds times for our schedule. not for everyone

shorts go nowhere until they undo 81 so any re entries short get what u can $ES_F

late shorts were trapped and risk reward now terrible $ES_F

RT @eminiplayer: Buyers active 74.50-76.00 Support Zone. Reversal back into recent range discussed in this morning’s trade plan video $$ #FF

@eminiplayer Love your work Awais, nicely done

+1240 ticks was a good signal to make sure paid if long

RT @MissTrade: โ€œA strong spirit transcends rules.โ€ -PRINCE Need them both in this business. Nice weekend to u Matt #FF

@MissTrade U betcha. Pool time now. Hope u all had a great day and a great week. Ciao!