the illusory world of futures  #EMWS $ES_F $NQ  not a market for undisciplined traders

@traderoffortune roflmao… in pajamas no less ! lol angels and demons #EMWS $ES_F  erratic market = game over

Read this before pajamas last night #EMWS $ES_F One man’s opinion  go to cash

@sewerpimp 🙂 thank you mr SP #EMWS $ES_F much appreciated

need to focus on that 87/89 area for now on retests #EMWS $ES_F

@ciscohitt we had target gap close trailers for scene of the crime 94.75 Fast down needs auctioning. 82/85 support zone still #EMWS $ES_F

@ciscohitt target 88 hit #EMWS $ES_F trail only for the 87.25 yest low test

@ciscohitt perfect. we had 96.25 yest mid and give it a shot there #EMWS $ES_F

there was a gap at the 89.5 area around 8.55 .. looked like the invisible hand in a program trade #EMWS $ES_F we hoped to fill that

@ciscohitt big picture 85 is middle so we agree #EMWS $ES_F

@ciscohitt we have triangle with 82 support for profit taking and target hit 89/90. #EMWS $ES_F sideline and relax

@illusivenick tradestation. it was as much math too nick 80/ 96/ 88 middle at the time #EMWS $ES_F

last year’s high is 88.75 so 85/90 zone being resolved not just for today but going forwards meaning weeks/ months position #EMWS $ES_F

“today will be adventure” we said. “U will feel like Linda Blair in the exorcist” #EMWS $ES_F

invisible hand has made it clear  longs defending their turf wac a mole day #EMWS $ES_F 97 target achieved

@LongTplexTrader lol 🙂 thanks

plan was range trade in 2 way day  tax money coming in Boyz buying dips is one idea we had #EMWS $ES_F just guessing

@traderoffortune lol

Angels and demons  assumption is longs trying to run stops on the 98.5 high #EMWS $ES_F one more short today if HH

@tomandprisha great defense by bulls … made lower low, need eod to see if lower high #EMWS $ES_F nasty day for one way traders

RT @tomandprisha: Come trade for free til May free til May all services open for as low as $25 per non recur

Advised trailer longs all stops up in double top test  #EMWS $ES_F

Armstrong on Police & politicians  #Rockwell #Nocountryforoldmen King of the Hillary  #EMWS

any day high now, odds say stops up at 01 #EMWS $ES_F

Climbing higher  Rocky. when Kaiser soze knocks out IB high , read the flip for stop runs #EMWS $ES_F be a mercenary

13:49 E for now this is low volume squeeze and 04 next resistance target paid by 02 PFS paid for sure #EMWS $ES_F leave the crumbs

you worked for 2 hrs and give it all back in 5 mins . crumbs not worth it #EMWS $ES_F

sequence trading time and price said last to leave loses  oink oink #EMWS $ES_F

#EMWS $ES_F  if they are going to take out the 05 easier to do overnight angels & demons

some traders are confusing brains with a bull market #EMWS $ES_F repost for cheerleaders

@ChrisTinaFoxx @SpiderTrades @BEFREEinFL @ciscohitt @Edwvdm @traderoffortune @LongTplexTrader @illusivenick @casper409 et al Thanks all