04/3.25 demon retest/failure

Pivot Point test pre market

10 Globex pre market news

Checking the 15 globex next

The Funnel I want to test Rainline 91.5 Resistance 2101 SOC

91 Test 15 Globex cracking

OTF 87.5 Test possible

82 Identified 30 Globex

Step by step

Rainline on 30 hit

10 RTH Rain Hit

60 Box Back to 96.25 resistance

Weak hands long/ swing longs being challenged

Assumed next support 75.5/76 S2 77


The Skyliners Pennies from Heaven

4/20/11:07 p.m. @StevieT118 Yes, agree the rhythm has been great and dip buyers have been rewarded. One day that stops working, not yet. Be well (TODAY WAS THE DAY)

4/20 11:28 p.m 60 chart ow.ly/4mVkBs 5 Globex ow.ly/4mVkFN $ES_F middle 95.5 held. 3.25 wednesdays demon test. step by step

10 Globex ow.ly/4mW0nJ all quiet and orderly $ES_F

RT @MrTopStep: Why the S&P 500 Futures Are Not Going Down – mrtopstep.com/why-the-sp-500โ€ฆ /nice post

cant over think this PFS by gap and 97.5 magnet if short $ES_

@BidnAsk ๐Ÿ™‚ back at u

need a shakeout today, will be nimble range trade $ES_F

95.5 angel 03 demon overnight $ES_F

10 Globex ow.ly/4mWlXo now will focus on 15 globex ow.ly/4mWm26 $ES_F still paying attention to support $ES_F

PFS by 93.5 and stops down if short $ES_F

90.75 is T1 and 92 was hoped for target $ES_F more is good fortune

got the shake, now we see if any bake today $ES_F (NO BAKE)

86/88 key support today for longs if Boyz washout Yesterday’s RTH low $ES_F

@EminiScalperPro i was thinking the 89.5 low first support target objective for shorts b4 the 85.75 $ES_F

@EminiScalperPro ow.ly/4mWuES 15 globex $ES_F

I thought Trailers for 88 to 86.5 T2 and be happy for 92/91 $ES_F we need profit taking, still think algos will find toehold today (WRONG, they never did)

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F support 2087; will look for short term buying opport there unless an hourly close below it

@EminiScalperPro yest angel 87.75 and that zone i think important ow.ly/4mWx26 $ES_F

trade sequence is high to low so should be able to hit a bounce. retest is 94.75 $ES_F

PFS by 96.5/ 97 if long $ES_F

wont fall in love with either side today, longs defended their turf 1x. 88 support for now. 2 way day $ES_F

456 trade tests IB high $ES_F

cant be pig today on long side, need several rotations $ES_F

bounces are contras today until the high goes, so need to think 2 way $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 agree. add 3 or 4 to where u think , and shorts subtract 3 or 4. lol 93.25 is angel test

anyone else observe 302.75 and 303 symmetry? $ES_F

“….and be happy for 92/91” $ES_F

wiling to miss some action. taking a break, treat this like a business, not an obsession $ES_F

@ciscohitt approximate fibo bounces and can do that in both directions for large and small swings $ES_F still testing support

@ciscohitt 456

30 Globex ow.ly/4mWVDi still inside yesterday’s range $ES_F

@ciscohitt ๐Ÿ™‚ u must be bald by now lol

@Intuitive_Power gotta have a sense of humor ๐Ÿ™‚

@Intuitive_Power thank u much appreciated $ES_F ow.ly/4mX0O4 88/ 87.5 test as hoped for follow thru stops down

wow Prince

within a point of T2 86.5 stops down and more is good fortune. Still need to see how we close Lock profits, cant add short here

@BidnAsk he sure was .

Boyz love 85 T2 achieved and may get away hitting one more bounce

The map is not the territory. Start with a plan, execute in the ring and adjust while reading the tape ow.ly/4mX7Hb $ES_F

sequence: need a shakeout, hit a bounce 97.5 PFS longs and now 2 day range re- auctioned. Up to Mr 82 to support or not now $ES_F

10 RTH was confirming this move ow.ly/4mX8Vl $ES_F stop 81.75 for any longs

@EminiScalperPro different OTF’s must be considered ow.ly/4mX9vX cant just close eyes and buy, but can get defensive as short

wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate someone’s life while they are still alive so they know how we feel about them? Just do it

Paid by 83 and willing to miss more $ES_F sidelines

-1000 + ticks

@jwsuga had nice plan, smart trade “82 possible target…but have to get through 86 first. Agree?” “yes” ow.ly/4mXcmA $ES_F

@MrTopStep Howdy Doody time?

The Skyliners and Pennies from Heaven ow.ly/4mXdNS $ES_F structure ow.ly/4mXezW

if u took the 82 zone trailer above 87.5 $ES_F should only take that trade if have profits willing to risk

@FuturesTrader71 nice directional bias and targets

Turns out after hours got part of this territrory ow.ly/4mXwoC $ES_F

5 RTH ow.ly/4mXwwh wasn’t worth the risk holding 82 EOD without contra, but could re enter with 92 stop if play MATD $ES_F

OTF ow.ly/4mXwRJ thought it a stretch to test 75/ 76 during RTH today. odds said 82 possible. swing longs should be knocked out

Nice guide for Team #EMWS ow.ly/4mXBES $ES_F