Piano keys and $CL  #EMWS

Using objective criteria to over-ride emotions $ES_F  $NQ 30 min pace  #EMWS

Some mystery moves lately by the Boyz  #EMWS $ES_F

@ManOverMarket 97.5 yest high is symmetry middle and important for us #EMWS $ES_F

89.75 is 40% pb level. Day open 89.5 Advised shorts paid for sure #EMWS staying aware of 97.5 yest high $ES_F Primary half/gap trade done

8:16 E rain at 89.5 #EMWS $ES_F first time back, respect it.

range trade idea  paid for sure into gap/ lows  #EMWS $ES_F

minimal bounce at lunch= stop run the ovn lows high probability #EMWS $ES_F test 88.75 needed, goal line always the hardest

13:39 Emini Wizard keep trailer if have one for the 87 to 85 test #EMWS $ES_F