Premarket consolidation Support holding

Angels and Demons and Program Trades

NQ holding its breakout

60 Globex Spider Pattern

The Spider

Stairway to Heaven

scene of the crime

89.5 magnet

10 Globex

15 RTH


5 min squeeze pivots

3 min squeezer RTH , not globex as identified on chart

Love is a battlefield


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4/19/ 8:22 E: 89.5 is the Primary magnet right now rhythmic dance $ES_F

4/19 8:47 p.m E:The Spider pattern on the 60 Globex $ES_F This is a bullish pattern above the Rain line until it gets too stretched

@StevieT118 nice. I consider getting within 2 or 3 points we have done well, so your system much more accurate than mine #fuzzylogic $ES_F

consolidation $ES_F

yesterday’s angel is 85.5 and demon is 97.25. Shorts turn for defense $ES_F

program trade last 30 mins from 89.5 magnet $ES_F

trailers above the gap if long, seed capital best captured by 96 $ES_F

support intact for now, inside day so far $ES_F

fear and loathing the walking dead continues to jam higher $ES_F stops up into 97.25 Trailers for new high / capture $ES_F

When the bully comes around, dont fight him join his gang $ES_F


@gb00splusx thanks for the info 🙂

I leave the funnymentals to others. Just trying to sense ebb and flow in the markets $ES_F

work around news this morning same defense zone as yesterday for shorts. Spider pattern updated $ES_F

Until the Position Squeeze pivot 58.25 gets beat, the spider is climbing 60 Globex $ES_F day trade think small

@TheFibDoctor one guy draws with both hands? lol nice post Doc

jammin with Led and Angels and stealing our way to Heaven

@tilbert classic rock, cant do much better than this

92 aggressive support, and paid by gap if short $ES_F timing helping shorts

2 way day likely, thinking small. find one or two good trades a day and be grateful $ES_F

yesterday’s middle and today’s 91.75 $ES_F respecting it first time back

news at 10 and 1030 reminder $ES_F sidelines for conservative traders

Flat for news $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele is one of the most disciplined traders I follow $ES_F

Market has been re-auctioning the pre market program trade territory during IB $ES_F

scene of the crime and magnet 89.5 still a key $ES_F PFS if short

@AnthonyCrudele Thanks Anthony, back at u and Pauly @spz_trader much appreciated

knowing the primary magnet is an edge $ES_F that said, it’s still just educated guessing

line of least resistance still up. if bought, all stops up trailers past 96.25 marker $ES_F

@BidnAsk game seems rigged, algos buying dips for now $ES_F 99.5 to 02 resistance targets

dont give back five to make 2 $ES_F accept gifts if any

@ciscohitt exactly, thanks cisco. bird in the hand, but angel is flying the stairway to heaven $ES_F

@ciscohitt thank u. I have next fibo target 2101.75 so using it as resistance target. wont get all of the move, but dont need to $ES_F

@ciscohitt thanks cisco. wall of worry needs pullbacks for toe holds. cant overthink this zone $ES_F

10 Globex chart in play as guide for short term today $ES_F

15 RTH I keep an eye on deeper charts to see what institutions are doing $ES_F

Paired with a faster chart like 3 RTH is an edge sometimes $ES_F

@desihobo ema’s fast medium, longer term. in trends they are helpful #EMWS

@spz_trader I think Blake @PipCzar is one of the smartest traders out there and gives unselfishly day after day. tireless workhorse #FF

next fibo is hit, juice above T1 today 2004.25 $ES_F dont get complacent

Stay humble, no need to prove anything. Get in the zone and stay focused while trading $ES_F

find the rhythm $ES_F Love is a battlefield, markets don’t have to be

Any selling now is likely profit taking by day traders, either way need a contra $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F is a NO trade for now;caught between levels 2106-2087; Big divergences between #technology & #Financials #XLF

He knows his levels, disciplined about risk and reward opportunities. #knowthyself

retest is 98.5/97 $ES_F

@rafe_mo well I don’t know about that… lol just kidding 🙂 done and off to the pool be well all $ES_F middle test 95.5 nice rhythm