15 Globex Pre market Angels and Demons

10 RTH


4/17 6:43 pm @StevieT118 The boyz killed puts last few days and this pattern fairly predictable as proposed last week. 58.25 behind the 62 then 55 etc

if bought with 58.25 support PFS by 70 and 72/75 resistance for now $ES_F Lock profits

Friday’s low was 69.5 so this is a retest all we know. Play the range for now, $ES_F

Keepin it simple 15 Globex ow.ly/4mO0zG Nothing’s changed… shorts have to beat 68, 62, 58 etc $ES_F

I think it makes sense to use 67 for now as a bull bear guide today #EMWS 2 way day $ES_F

I will be surprised if we make a new low today $ES_F range trading

@BEFREEinFL @BidnAsk thanks for input. will be very tricky day, bcause of timing probably most traders missed both ways $ES_F

@StevieT118 Thanks Stevie. I dont use #Marketprofile but @eminiplayer does and seems a few zones important ahead of your target $ES_F

Need 4 and 5 before 6. Need 100 b4 1.61 $ES_F Hit a bounce or two and accept stop outs #EMWS


@MrTopStep @SJosephBurns gotta love symmetry

70.5 half gap and Demon 71.5 PFS if playing half gap $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: if bought with 58.25 support PFS by 70 and 72/75 resistance for now $ES_F Lock profits / Paid ahead of the gap

have to use 78 to 82 as resistance now, Boyz have already trapped a ton of aggressive shorts $ES_F

No such thing as shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to markets $ES_F

What a set up for the uppercut $ES_F Day traders long trail only above gap cover all ok.

Keeping 67 now as support until broken $ES_F face ripper, so shorts are contras and think small. High for day may not be in yet

82.75 target $ES_F 85 to 87 could get hit today before profit taking comes in, will be conservative

@pm1889 I wouldn’t unless willing to risk profits from long side, 85 /87 gets hit, or lunch time. No rush. market reversed and wants higher

@pm1889 original premise was range trading; clearly wrong $ES_F

sideline and relax. Target 82.75 hit. Accept stops if trying short with 87 resistance $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 there are simple reasons, but #EMWS system said T2 87 $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 This is 87 a resistance target. That doesn’t mean close eyes and short, but PFS. 96.25 is now the next Big Dog $ES_F

Mulligan # 7

The sooner we recognize “The Truth”, the better chance we have to survive this business $ES_F Check opinions at the door

@stocktrader0610 thank u, market has shorts trapped and we really haven’t given back very much 10 RTH ow.ly/4mPj5Y $ES_F

@pm1889 in a reversal rabid dog day the hardest trade is where do we add/ or rebuy. Pay attention to support in uptrends 58.25 intact $ES_F

If traders post news events instead of targets/resistance u know they’re confused. Systems wont always work stay sidelines when out of synch

90.5 potential target by EOD if we get NHOC $ES_F

edge is gone long side, but shorting against the stop eaters doesn’t make sense $ES_F

Hope u had a good day traders, accept your gifts if any. $ES_F

@pipsnticks Thank u pips, I appreciate it. 69.5 should not have been violated. when 72/75 got beat its all over $ES_F