Options x shook out weak hands both sides  #EMWS $ES_F retest/ failure yesterday after boyz ran short stops at lunch

I will allow you to guess the “why” and focus on the technical moves  #EMWS $ESF

Have a plan  longs cover into 92 #EMWS 08:03 E using the 92 to 95 zone as primary resistance $ES_F

10:08 Emini Wizard paid by 72.5 trail only #EMWS $ES_F

08:03 Emini Wizard using the 92 to 95 zone as primary resistance #EMWS $ES_F find one good trade a day

09:45 Emini Wizard 72.5 as t1 so 72 now as support #EMWS $ES_F a system needs to be able to help us make fast decisions #kiss

then define new battlefield after locking profits or accepting stop outs #EMWS $ES_F overnight low retest our agg resistance for now

RT @eminiplayer: 92 Mid-point test was ideal short entry in direction of short-term bear trend / well said think like a bot #EMWS $ES_F

@ManOverMarket got to get by monthly middle at 69.5 first #EMWS $ES_F

Time, price, divergence said be careful past 72 ow.ly/LKNuF #EMWS $ES_F ow.ly/LKOrC

Armstrong telling it like it is  #EMWS $ES_F student debt

Federal reserve part 2 armstrong  #EMWS $ES_F great reading for perspective

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RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @BamaTrader @PivotBoss @Nirav777 @MarzBonfire thanks and back at u Renato #FF

@traderoffortune In all fairness he did qualify his idea with “if no black swan overnight” #EMWS $ES_F

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@Ancient_Warrior u getting too old for this at 3 am? lol #EMWS $ES_F #FF be well

rth angel is 74.25 and demon is 84.25 #EMWS $ES_F op ex always interesting

@spz_trader back at u and thanks for your no BS posts #FF

RT @CMEGroup: E D of Equity Products, Tim McCourt, talks equity business trends to @AnthonyCrudele on #FuturesRadio ow.ly/LKJlQ

09:43 Emini Wizard 88/89 as agg resistance//intact so all stops down for afternoon session #EMWS  primary trade done

@traderoffortune 08:38 Emini Wizard something is brewing IB raised margins for IRA type accounts 3 x #EMWS $ES_F

11:03 Emini Wizard dont want to see 78 broken #EMWS $ES_F  aggressives get another piece of cheese

11:06 Emini Wizard 62.75 as t2 // trailers are hailers #EMWS  make sure paid by 66.5 4/9 low $ES_F

@tomandprisha your cue sir as per last night’s post #EMWS $ES_F paid for sure ahead of 62.5

@TraderSmarts I have 62.5 as yearly 40% retrace, a biggie for now. 88.75 last year high broken again #EMWS $ES_F

@TraderSmarts thanks Tony. risk reward for us too 65.5 #EMWS 14:13 zeek 65.5 IB T1 calling targets and getting them 2 different things $ES_F

15:00 Emini Wizard magnet is 71.25 #EMWS $ES_F psychology, risk reward and timing ideas important

stopped clock longs guessed wrong 5 x today / plan was hit bounces til stops working #EMWS $ES_F love umbrella trades

RT @eminiwizard: … #EMWS $ES_F paid for sure ahead of 62.5  all about getting out the door before everyone else

15:35 Emini Wizard say yeehaa if u long for sure by 75 to 75.75 #EMWS $ES_F 15:38 E shorts using 78 stop

play the umbrella until late day and risk reward comes in  #EMWS $ES_F little boxes

@TheFibDoctor #FF that’s a great test of year open. Last year high at 88.75 failed today #EMWS $ES_F

options expiration can be wimpy or volatile… today was outlier #EMWS $ES_F angels and demons

Review for Team E and anyone else interested in our perspective…