Range Set Up Premarket

15 Globex with supports

5 Globex Long Timing trade


Oex 30

Neckline, no spaghetti on 15 globex

Wouldnt it Be nice Cryptic spoiler: Break 71

Shape of my Heart

15 Globex A and D

Rain Line Test

OEX 30


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Hootsuite not sending any emails notifying me of likes, etc. Apologies & thanks to all for your retweets, comments, likes etc. no clue why

@BEFREEinFL @MissTrade @GIR_MARKETS @PeterMDrake @JonGuirl thank u

@JonGuirl I think they wait until next week to unwind. May start tomorrow but doubtful. Gotta bust 62 and knock out last 2 days of buyers

@BEFREEinFL On creativity: don’t fix what’s not broken ow.ly/4mI8Bm reality is scratches and dead ends part of trading. thank u

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@gb00splusx @WillHumphreys @PatrickGrattan @shemesht @50Pips and any I missed thank u. Went to twitter to find these, old school.
overnight range well controlled and tested magnet 72.75 ow.ly/4mIXLm $ES_F 15 min globex in play

15 Globex ow.ly/4mIZw0 #ES_F Chaotic action is preferable to orderly inaction. – Will Rogers #EMWS

RT @ciscohitt: @ciscohitt and they may just be testing this Wkly lvl again from above. love to see 68 tested today

@ciscohitt @PMSInvestor thanks for input. Longs will NOT come out unless forced out. I would like to see more balance & profit taking $ES_F

@ciscohitt reposting what I see as bigger ideas ow.ly/4mJ33S $ES_F

will need several entries today as well if playing. save some powder after java, 915 report

using 68 support for profit taking ahead of 9 15 news $ES_F range trading

get on scoreboard and nothing fancy $ES_F demon 79 and angel 72.5

75.75 as agg resistance pre market $ES_F

5 Globex ow.ly/4mJbEi $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: 75.75 as agg resistance pre market $ES_F / PFS by 75.75 if long convenient trade a winner

Icing on the cake ow.ly/4mJeAy stops up nothing fancy gap 77.25 $ES_F

LWH was 71.5 and that breakout needs to be broken first before anything else #NotYet $ES_F

Small edges in timing and trade location can make your day. If cant find or miss them, stay sideline $ES_F get paid for taking risk

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / thank u Renato #FF Nice accumulation methodology

IB I think Risk 2 make 2 or 3. Under 79 ok for shorts. Need re entries in chop if playing. 5 RTH ow.ly/4mJiY6 $ES_F

@RenaTrader You have been great friend all these years, same to you Renato

@MrTopStep lol now I am suddenly ravenous. I’ll bring the beer

PFS by 72.75 if Hit the Gap $ES_F Best odds 76/78 for the Angel Test

RT @e: overnight range well controlled and tested magnet 72.75 … / trades work or they dont. catch pieces and accumulate $ES_F

Beach Boyz Wouldn’t it Be Nice … ow.ly/4mJnj0 $ES_F

@MrTopStep lol that’s where I grew up and belong ๐Ÿ™‚

Need some luck now if want more short side. $ES_F timing not great for shorts

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@casper409 Thank you Paolo, much appreciated and back at you #FF Great traders in that group

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@TheFibDoctor thanks Doc, Ya’ll have a great day and back at u #FF smart traders in that group
Longs had a great week, I was hoping some small profit taking. They wont come out until forced out $ES_F Op ex ow.ly/4mJw8X

Theta Burn and gap fill 1 tick remaining $ES_F ugly day

No primi ow.ly/4mJAYn chops not my taste either $ES_F

@BEFREEinFL crazy day. Thank u and great weekend to u

RT @ciscohitt: @BEFREEinFL @RanchoDinero @eminiwizard Have a great weekend. / back at u kid

@MissTrade Spring Skiing bunny hill today with rope tow

24.5 points on Monday and today cant get ten. what’s wrong with this picture… #criminal handbook.


RT @MissTrade: Reminder, we’re going to be live on @TopstepTrader squawk radio at the top of the hour. goo.gl/dCvXPw

@eminiplayer nice read. I would eat more pizza, read more books, eat less dumplings. the big stuff he’s got right ๐Ÿ™‚

traders with memory issues reminder 72.75 is today’s magnet $ES_F risk 2 make 2 or 3 if playing $ES_F ow.ly/4mJUaM

get to 70.25 and all stops down if short rain line test $ES_F

@Jediphone The Professional ow.ly/4mK050 $ES_F

Position squaring this afternoon ow.ly/4mK2Jt soft day $ES_F

yest globex low 68.5 intact for now $ES_F inside day

@PivotBoss Back at u Boss and much appreciated #FF great weekend

RT @tomandprisha: @PivotBoss @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @verniman @RenaTrader @e @marketminute @SunriseTrader @Chicagostock Best of Best !

@tomandprisha Thank u Tom much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ #FF back at you

@verniman thanks and day after day a great follow #FF

RT @eminiwizard: using 68 support for profit taking ahead of 9 15 news $ES_F range trading / now important for EOD keep profits if any

OEX 30 ow.ly/4mK9Qm #EMWS not #marketprofile Just Luck E

PFS if long by 75.75 same as this morning $ES_F leave it be and start the weekend early

Pivot, s1, r1 ow.ly/4mKcUM old school not too bad $ES_F

probably easier to close the gap than make new low now i think, Sideline, done for day

@3FACESOFAST Thanks for your opinion. Please show me a few of your charts, and define “much lower” prices so we are both on the same page