88.75 marker wont be decided in a single day #EMWS $ES_F just staying aware of it

13:22 Emini Wizard the goal of day trading is to catch pieces of the swings, using timing and limited risk/ reward ideas #EMWS $ES_F

globex demon is 92.25 and intact for now #EMWS $ES_F nice theta burn pattern

11:21 E i think this rotation may be for buying to knock out IB high #EMWS $ES_F 12:06 E i would not be surprised to see 92 test by eod

testing last year’s high from below… 10:53 E wac a mole now 11:02 E mostly tails under the overnight low 79 #EMWS $ES_F clues are there

what kind of day did you expect? Options X http://ow.ly/LB4Rv #EMWS $ES_F criminal handbook says two way day. keep profits now if any

08:20 E 75 first idea as base support #EMWS $ES_F 09:34 E longs be done 90.25 … 09:34 E use 92 stop for shorts

angels and demons  retest support #EMWS $ES_F

The Box  and tunnel vision  and monkey business #EMWS $ES_F

Please RT if you are in the GC #EMWS $ES_F wish I had written this. armstrong at his best

15:15 Emini Wizard in xx pipe 85.25 to 91.75 #EMWS $ES_F

15:00 E shorts can get squeezed into close if dont break 84.25 #EMWS $ES_F

15:00 Emini Wizard making hh and hl since 10 am  #EMWS $ES_F

E TV The casino… #EMWS $ES_F stay focused on our dreams  the voice of an angel

Step by step method  #EMWS $ES_F The Professional Edge

thanks to @1250atick @ciscohitt @ffrias2 @traderoffortune @RenaTrader @marketwizardz and any and all I missed. Much appreciated #EMWS $ES_F

Theta burn at its best…