RT @eminiwizard: risk and reward comes in … 11:04 E rather leave chips on table than give a lot back  #EMWS $ES_F

10:57 (Friday morning) E: Using 98 as resistance #EMWS $ES_F timing and risk reward are two important pieces of the puzzle

08:39 Emini Wizard using 87 support pre market #EMWS $ES_F #kiss if get lucky, accept gifts

Paid for sure by 02 #EMWS $ES_F  rocket scientists need not apply for work here

RT @FuturesTrader71: Since 10/9/2013, 1 sigma of IB range is 3.25 to 11.25. Most common is 5.25 #FT71 #ES_F / great stat

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F 2096.25 One Rotation from the HIGH // and friday’s late day High as key I think #EMWS

08:18 E theta burn week #EMWS $ES_F

09:44 E after this fast run can get backing and filling in theta burn week #EMWS $ES_F sorry charlie 09:41 E using 02 as resistance

Plan:  Test 98 to 02 and fade it  #EMWS  $ES_F  measured move we had was 2100

taking out ovn high and low is  criminal handbook op ex play# 101     #EMWS $ES_F

reposting key zone  paid for sure 89 too much air on daily chart is why we liked fade #EMWS $ES_F educated guess

14:01E  new highs on low volume  = seed of doubt  #EMWS $ES_F

14:16 Emini Wizard testing last years high from above #EMWS $ES_F

rt /  highest odds range done paid by 87.5   trailers for more  #EMWS $ES_F 14:52 E 87.5 hit angel from friday rth

08:45 E 83 normal support 13:54 E and we said   82/ 85 zone will be important with 83 low the key #EMWS $ES_F

Options expiration games  #EMWS $ES_F

@sewerpimp @FuturesTrader71 @BamaTrader thanks all #EMWS $ES_F