60 Globex

30 RTH

Armstrong Meltdown

30 Globex

Angels and Demons

30 Oex



30 Globex

60 NQ

ES 30 Globex small victories

120 NQ target 4425/4430 hit

OEX Proxy for Op ex week 30 min

ES 60 Globex Next resistance zone identified

ES rth 5 slingshot 44, 38 now support

I cant get no satisfaction

High Tight flag on 15 globex

Yesterday’s charts with remainder targets


5 RTH 58 Tagged and Bagged 51.25 Breakout


Video Recap

@Chub519 If we get follow thru tomorrow i think take some risk off . 42/45 should be aggressive pivot $ES_F man in scoring position wtg

@MissTrade you are right. At 22 years old, he made no money this tournament, failed to beat 99% of the golfers at the Masters #Blindspot

disappointing finish? Yes of course. 1984 “someone” wants to short. Then at 2025 shorts will win. Stopped clock Mulligan 5 now hoping for 70

@Chub519 low at 26 to 24.75 is support until broken. That goes, then door can open for fibo targets. 23.6 Boyz want 15.25 $ES_F

I will continue to monitor year open at 2037.75 for clues, that’s Par. Birdies, bogeys, eagles and quadruple bogeys part of the game $ES_F

I will just leave it here and be quiet ow.ly/10yo3v would rather have friends like Matt then get into ego battle

Thanks all for your retweets and comments, likes, etc. , much appreciated

60 Structure ow.ly/10zdap “market moved fast last hour RTH. op ex” being retraced $ES_F energizer bunny back to agg zone 42/45

RT @e: Thanks Pauly I see your extensions. We still have 24.75 and 19.25 to beat first. See what MATD trade does overnight 48 res /resolving

RT @spz_trader: Awesome analysis on levels/analysis by @InsideCall on Crude, Brent, & RBOB. Aint no shame in my game. Well done /well done

Armstrong on the coming Pension crisis ow.ly/10zgRP #Ponzi is alive and well

@TraderSmarts Thank u. My mentor is 75 retired 20+ years. His successor is retired. City is paying current Director + 2 . Math wont work

@MrTopStep we woke up on the right side of the ground again ๐Ÿ™‚

using yest globex 32 low agg support for now Angel is 2031.5 Demon is 2041.5 globex 30 ow.ly/10zqZ0 hit and run $ES_F PFS 37.5

@stocktrader0610 Pre market for seed capital. Like batting practice before a game. Bear flag needs to stay under 45 for best odds $ES_F

middle test 36.25 ow.ly/10zsh3 A and D 10 min globex $ES_F singles and doubles add up. Not playing for grand slam every at bat

Not a lot of news , keeping an eye on OEX sideways range ow.ly/10ztAr OP ex, why not? ow.ly/10ztE8 $ES_F

Hiding in the Shadows http://ow.ly/10zAVh gap fill like shooting fish in a barrel right? risk/reward 5 RTH http://ow.ly/10zBpt $ES_F

Relying on 30 Globex for short in 42/45 agg resistance zone ow.ly/10zCGj $ES_F 36.25 Half gap needs to crack or retest 48 today

Trail below 37.5 if short ow.ly/10zEA2 $ES_F sing it Mick

NQ 60 in synch ow.ly/10zFmi #EMWS

@stocktrader0610 34.75 gap, day opened 32.5 $ES_F trying for 35/32

Be grateful for opportunities and accept victories as well as defeat with confidence and humility #EMWS

RT @e: using yest globex 32 low agg support for now Angel is 2031.5 Demon is 2041.5 … / testing support $ES_F

I like the way agg resistance 42/45 acted. Need MATD follow thru now. $ES_F

@LongTplexTrader Thank u Brutha

@MissTrade nice trade. now need to see if beach ball can stay under water a bit #marketprofile

Primary target 32.5 achieved $ES_F more is good fortune. wont add this zone, dangerous pivot 2031.25

30 Globex time and price say make sure paid this first RTH swing ow.ly/10zIzE $ES_F Vitamin Trading: need one good trade a day

@MissTrade thanks for info Matt

NQ 120 chart catches my eye ow.ly/10zJCj Deeper charts coming into play now

All I can say is The Boyz are brutal lol . Dont turn your back on them, especially op ex. re entries think small $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F holds 2033 again; impressive timing that was on the Oil headline

@PatrickGrattan @lehmanterms Boyz are trying to keep shorts from establishing position. Pac Man fighting back ow.ly/10zMML

48 still in the picture today. dont force shorts now, some trapped $ES_F

46.25 to 48.75 needs to hold, using that as longs next resistance. Op Ex, 2 way day theta burn $ES_F

@spz_trader agree , also 26/ 71.5 has 50 back… important $ES_F

day low is likely in. ow.ly/10zOS5 oex nq

@MissTrade its like your opponent bounces one off a tree onto the green next to the hole isn’t it? lol using 38 agg support now for squeeze

resistance Targets 48.75 to T1 49.75 PFS if flipped long $ES_F

@MissTrade u show very nice flexibility for an old geezer ow.ly/10zS8X 50’s today if Boyz stomp on it $ES_F

52/ to 55 next zone and if that breaks 58/62 available . day trade stops up to 48, swing at 45.5

@MissTrade market is swinging in range, not trending right now. 45 is #EMWS rotational pivot $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F closed above 2045.75 on the hourly; now indicates test of 2058 today

Classic bow tie/ slingshot trade ow.ly/10A6Ms $ES_F contra may be more in chop time than retrace.

lunch time for me while shorts get eyeballs squeezed PFS by 52 to 55 $ES_F

@Ch2Christo lol yes we have if we played the game and it ain’t pretty. Pass the Tums

54.5 is the resistance target and risk reward coming in $ES_F lock profits, not looking for plunge

Deli now the man on cruise control past 54.5 $ES_F 56.75 is T2

High Tight flag was the squeezer ow.ly/10Auwm $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F closed above 2045.75 on the hourly now indicates test of 2058 today /outstanding call #FF

Be a lover of the market, not a fighter – Ernie Roseman yest chart 58/62 test note sup1 29 ow.ly/10AxMz Big Pivot 2031.25 Intact

Point and Figure chart… ow.ly/10AyoW pretty compelling evidence where I’m headed…

@TRADEnPERFORM they got Religion ๐Ÿ™‚

@PeterMDrake u gotta have fun or we lose our mind ๐Ÿ™‚ thank u

5 RTH ow.ly/10AzpZ 51.25 breakout Later all

Video Recap of a few things #EMWS looking at today ow.ly/10Bac8 $ES_F