June contract with the 1 finger salute $ES_F using 52 to 55 next support #EMWS

#EMWS Magnet is 2363 June and will use that for Bull/ bear bias today playing hit and run while Bulls dig out

#EMWS 3 box move into 64.25 so take it and run $ES_F

#EMWS Using 2368 to 2372 as resistance today $ES_F

#EMWS Primary Trade is LONG for now so Paid for sure by 2361 if short June Basis $ES_F

Want The Professional Edge ? #EMWS New “Tape Reading” course beginning soon $ES_F designed for pros and newbies

If short Bingo at 55 #EMWS 30 min RTH Players $ES_F lock ’em and go play. if using 52 stop for Buys, honor stops

#EMWS T1 today is 2351.75 so trailers should capture something by 2352 $ES_F Big magnet target as well

#EMWS Keeping original daily 2363 bias line as clue for rest of day $ES_F

Boyz found support EOD , best to leave it be #EMWS shorts $ES_F nice V bounce. time and price were right

@pritchettized part of the game catching chunks of swings and being satisfied is the hallmark of a professional $ES_F keep 52/55 support

#EMWS Already back into the 68/72 zone $ES_F usually tough to fade late day reversals


@Sigler2016 @pritchettized @JayHill2012 @pipsnticks @Tradn500 thanks to all