kudos Lady Huskies #FF Final Four

“A shot that goes in the cup is pure luck, but a shot to within two feet of the flag is skill.” – Ben Hogan cc @eminiwizard #EMWS – @TraderSmarts

@TraderSmarts 🙂 Best book on golf I ever read was by Hogan  #EMWS Thanks Tony

“Be neither a bull nor a bear, but a seeker of the truth.” – A. Elder  #EMWS $ES_F holders flatten/ trail only

@LongTplexTrader problem is if u sleep (I like to do that) no one pays us #EMWS $ES_F

Yesterday’s notes  Bucket shop close, so far that plan played out with late longs yesterday weak hands #EMWS $ES_F

08:17 E holdovers should get paid by 62.5 8:34 E matd says buys are with yest trend #EMWS $ES_F 8:49 E Boyz make day traders buy again

9:24 Emini Wizard half gap will be about 71 #EMWS $ES_F 8:48 E make longs payup would be nice meaning stay under 72

when its murky grab a few points idea, hit and run #EMWS $ES_F

11:13 E if long gap is 75.5 to 76.25 11:22 E using 78 as resistance for profit taking #EMWS $ES_F 11:45 E second mouse gets the cheese

Two way day playing out, MATD trade done #EMWS $ES_F 11:42 69.5 idea target

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F Todays single prints start at 2067.75 and run down to the low #EMWS

trail only below 68 angel RTH; 63.75 angel globex. Globex demon perfect at 76.25 longs in control above yesterday’s 61 low #EMWS $ES_F

@ManOverMarket thank you #EMWS weeklies will be aware of 64.5 $ES_F

Catch pieces of swings and lock some profits #EMWS $ES_F MATD half gap and gap a winner. we took stops on agg shorts 72/74 Re-entries win

12:11 Emini Wizard capture 67 #EMWS $ES_F learn to accept gifts. Plan was hit and run day, inside yesterday’s range

RT @TraderSmarts: trade plan for ES YM 6E CL GC + Acces to TS TradePlan Indicator Private Client Feed? 2-Week Trial: tradersmarts.net

choppy lunch bounce as expected  #EMWS $ES_F grab a few shekels day.

@spz_trader can get similar ideas from market pros like @AnthonyCrudele as well #EMWS

@MrTopStep sensationalism always sells doom and gloom. I choose to see the ways we will be better off and improve ourselves #EMWS

@spz_trader much appreciated Pauly #EMWS back at u

MMM Roy H Williams  I would add a 4th idea to work rest and play: life and relationships we build with others #EMWS

@sewerpimp thanks SP much appreciated #EMWS

14:18 E 65 mid 15:05 E can make the case for lower lows since IB high break 72.5 is IB high 15:07 E 65.25 test #EMWS $ES_F

15:09 Emini Wizard globex angel 63.75 // good night alice.. reminder 61 test from yesterday before 58 etc #EMWS $ES_F

13:57 zeek411 boys moved market up to sell now I am looking for selling into the close #EMWS $ES_F kudos, great call zeek

advised shorts paid for sure by 59.5 bottom of the pipe  #EMWS $ES_F

2 min chart on the retest breakdown 🙂 bot heaven 15:50 E this is retest the 64/65  #EMWS $ES_F paid 4 sure

Retesting yesterday’s nonsense breakout  Charlie bought the distribution hook, line, and stinker #EMWS $ES_F

Tunnel vision ..  #EMWS $ES_F

RT @GIR_MARKETS: $ES_F Chart 3 / #EMWS always worth taking a look at Bruce’s charts

love the armstrong whodunit saga  #EMWS “I am from the gov’t and I am here to help you”