Next big key marker is 2058.25 #kiss #EMWS $ES_F Green light today for Month end markup bulls*

60 min chart http://ow.ly/104QZK a week ago we talked about April being strong month usually and new high could attack 58/62 next #EMWS

MATD any buys RTH are weak hands. After 62, 65.2 to 69.25 show up as next resistance targets $ES_F 15 globex http://ow.ly/104TAp

Dont just short because you think its too high. squeezes can chew us up. 52/55 stop for swing longs $ES_F

Playing risk 2 make 2 pre market $ES_F hit and run best. sidelines if conservative. http://ow.ly/104WRM ADP 8:15

56.25 is PFS if shorted. overnight shelf there $ES_F

Two way day today , need to be flexible, and will think small. Need some backing and filling $ES_F

Today’s convenient trade for day traders is range trade http://ow.ly/1052Fm stolen range, thinking small $ES_F

using objective criteria, common sense, discipline, price, pattern, timing, psychology and as best we can not “emotion” 59.75 demon 48 angel

10 globex, consolidation expected http://ow.ly/1054uL $ES_F may need second mouse to get cheese today, but dont be stubborn #EMWS

Gap chart http://ow.ly/1056Cf $ES_F each chart tells us a story #EMWS

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #Gold 1243 resistance & 1230 support are areas of interest to me today for rotational day trades

I know shorts want to see a plunge but I dont see it. Be happy with small victories against the Boyz $ES_F

52.75 is half gap and assumed immediate support is 51/52 #EMWS

trailers only above the 61.75 gap if long $ES_F

65.25 to 65.75 next fibo resistance target $ES_F

second mousers short dont be stubborn $ES_F

cat and mouse tedious trading in stolen range as expected $ES_F

A big Boy in this trade , stops down and PFS by 58.25 if short $ES_F

gotta knock out that 56.25 $ES_F chase Late Louie out #EMWS

55.75 magnet if lucky $ES_F

third mouse got some cheese $ES_F wt2 is 65.25 that’s why I had as resistance target #EMWS

Paid for sure by 53.25/ 52.75 half gap if trailin $ES_F

Pro tip: If a “big boy” is in the trade, usually can hang onto trailers a few mins $ES_F

5 RTH http://ow.ly/105EL4 rare it will break 3 lines all at once #EMWS too early to tell if high is in yet today

RT @TheFibDoctor: $NQ_F What the heck is a “Float-back” trade ? > http://www.thefibdoctor.com/2015/07/07/heck-float-back-trade-n …… http://stocktwits.com/TheFibDoctor/message/51978321 … / nice lesson Doc

RT @eminiplayer: Initial Resistance to Pre-Market Support — Zone to Zone move. https://twitter.com/eminiplayer/status/715202878143471616 … / well done as usual Awais $ES_F Awais @eminiplayer Today’s #ES_F Trader Worksheet with Key Support/Resistance Zones. Rejection at Initial Resistance $$

market consolidating its gains http://ow.ly/105Mf7 5 globex $ES_F

RT @PipCzar: There isn’t always an answer….get over it. There just isn’t. / smart traders know this. Pundits always want to know why #FF

Darvas, my 3 box view http://ow.ly/105Rk6 $ES_F I know MY opinion, this tells me other trader’s opinion for dynamic pivots #EMWS
stops down/capture if short and traders caught will try and wiggle out so still not thinking plunge $ES_F

Tick clue http://ow.ly/105UyU $ES_F

angel is 48 and hidden pivot at 51.25 #EMWS PFS $ES_F

any re entries short today are nibbles against trend $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: 52.75 is half gap and assumed immediate support is 51/52 #EMWS / if bought manage into 58.25 + $ES_F

Lovers of four letter words (like “short” and “math”) here u go http://ow.ly/106aKD $ES_F nice resource for tools

hidden pivot traders paid ahead of demon 61.75 $ES_F 1 hour to go

Pushing on a string $ES_F Armstrong http://ow.ly/106ciq #EMWS for longer term thinking

2 way day for flexible range traders http://ow.ly/106dTO Scalpers with deep pockets do well, can get hurt in rabid days like yesterday

pool time http://ow.ly/106f6I be well all #EMWS