Back into IB late day reasonable profit taking. Note symmetry middle: today’s rth low is 50 back for globex range #EMWS $ES_F

Knowing when price and time agree: priceless #EMWS $ES_F 🙂

E TV One way up day, Highest odds done by 82 #EMWS $ES_F 11:40 Emini Wizard assumption is 68/82 range

12:15 E: channel we thought reasonable idea during pre market chat #EMWS $ES_F buy pb and ride trailer happy by 75 then gravy

11:06 E: “Buying high and selling higher not easy for traders. Bots have no problem with it neither do real estate flippers Adapt or die #EMWS $ES_F”

09:53 Emini Wizard 79.75 t1 #EMWS $ES_F rabid snail and any day high day

9:52 E assumed resistance 78 for profit taking #EMWS $ES_F

08:19 E xx is 61 8:34 so agg support 58 zone 08:44 Emini Wizard 76.5 never retested either #EMWS $ES_F

Laws of proportion have not been repealed finding the chart in play #EMWS $ES_F

Longs jammed shorts out of the gate and pushed them back all day until last hour profit taking.


Charts and chat at a glance

Premarket thrust and pb

Multi charts pre market

76.5 Target achieved

T1 79.75 achieved

Angels and Demons LWM chart

Use 82 to 85 as resistance zone EOD