60 Globex premarket

Open  Aggressive support and resistance, the first responders

News breakout 60 globex

5 RTH profit taking for daytraders

2 min RTH

10 RTH a power chart

10 RTH completion targets nearby 46.25 and 47.75

3 min RTH

Eagles Take it Easy

Mediocre Minds

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RT @eminiwizard: odds say day trade longs paid by 33 to 35.25 $ES_F 456 done #EMWS / current resistance until broken

RT @eminiwizard: done by 21/22 advised #EMWS trailers only for 456 at 22.5 T2 21.25 and thurs mid 20.75 $ES_F /current support test

Using 28.5 gap as aggressive resistance $ES_F Timing trade PFS if short #EMWS

Angel test 21.75 and good fortune to test 18.75 aggressive support ahead of yellen $ES_F

5 globex ow.ly/102rNo #kiss being flexible and nimble hit and run if playing $ES_F

Despite what many say… This is a simple business but not easy $ES_F ow.ly/102sZh find a place to play your hand…

RT @spz_trader: ES_F – disicussed 2018.75 on morning webinar for area to visit and cover shorts / nice location Pauly

Half gappers 25.75 is PFS $ES_F

@BidnAsk agree. I think cover by 26.75 first thrust for sure if long $ES_F

@pm1889 normal is at the gap, and 26.75 very agg $ES_F conservative resistance 32 for now

@pm1889 over time, “shorting in the hole” probably has lower odds than playing for the half gap $ES_F shorts may want to lighten b4 yellen

@pm1889 I think sequence traders short are covering in IB this morning $ES_F

Those who wear compression stockings on their head would be more visionary, flexible, and profitable if they remove them 🙂 $ES_F

@NormCycles awesome. Simplicity is key. #EMWS works with all vehicles, but as a teaching tool its easier to show ideas through one $ES_F

cover into 32 if long high odds trade done trail only $ES_F time for lunch

60 Globex support chart ow.ly/102Zqz $ES_F

trailers flat by 37.75 $ES_F

5 RTH ow.ly/1030UW accept gifts $ES_F

RT @verniman: #ES_F Remember Yellen’s speech is a news driven event so, soon or later, expect the return to ‘scene of crime’ (2027)

using 31 as aggressive support until broken $ES_F

42 as next resistance target $ES_F

we have no control over the markets… just ourselves. In truth, sometimes no control over that either $ES_F ow.ly/10336Y 2 min

T1 is 39.75 today, so made sense to capture near 38 on first roar if long $ES_F risk/ reward idea

If shorts were in control, 32 should not have been violated $ES_F be flexible

@spz_trader well said Pauly. Poop happens, watch where we step $ES

retest previous high 33.5 so more is gravy if took the profit taking swing $ES_

@PatrickGrattan roflmao got my hip boots on

pooper scoopers cover any re entries / trails into 42 target $ES_F stops up #EMWS Mulligan time #3

teamwork 10 RTH ow.ly/103gj3 #EMWS $ES_F

RT shooting from the hip we know major test idea above and the support levels built up today. inside week first idea $ES_F

46.25 T2 and 47.75 Next Resistance targets 37 agg support now all stops up $ES_F argue with market or take something out of the moves

When your favorite trolls appear remember to laugh ow.ly/103k2B #EMWS $ES_F

RT @HamzeiAnalytics: awesome call by “Maury” / well done Fari Hamzei @HamzeiAnalytics Fari_Hamzei [12:03:39 CT]: “Maury Buy” is at 2034s

10 RTH ow.ly/103kYl top tickers for 47.75 target good luck $ES_F 46.25 hit

@PatrickGrattan me too. Risk reward time coming, and thanks for your posts $ES_F 3 min fast pace ow.ly/103nlf

dont give back 3 to make 1 now all stops up for day traders $ES_F

Time for a swim. thanks all for your posts. I hope i helped you see a few ideas today #EMWS $ES_F 47.75 was destined

@spz_trader Thanks Pauly, appreciate your posts.

@spz_trader I had 47.75 destined and 48.5, 50.75, 53.75, and 57.5 as fibos, too late for daytraders. Swing holdovers need to manage. $ES_F

Next big key marker is 2058.25 #kiss #EMWS $ES_F Green light today for Month end markup bulls*

@HamzeiAnalytics roflmao, must be catching. friend of mine just showed me huge Redfish he caught today at Matlacha. fish is #brainfood