30 globex overnight hitting resistance 1

Angels and Demons in full court press (Longs extended their territory in MATD)

5 RTH reviewing gaps and no man’s land achieved in low volume Holiday squeeze

15 Globex pre market Seed capital, PFS if short

E’s Posts summarized

Zea Lot

15 Globex 2 way day

5 Globex



Markets closed and nothing to do? Latest post: The Power of Focus and Desire ow.ly/ZVuZC #EMWS $ES_F

@RenaTrader back at you Renato

@urtrading thank you for your re tweets $ES_F have a great weekend

@BrynneandRic @urtrading @CAVandy @MissTrade @ciscohitt @BrentRShelton @Jediphone @thewavetrading thanks to all much appreciated

@SJosephBurns @casper409 @Jersey_Drew @MKCastagna @davidwazz @desktophedgefun thanks to all, have a nice weekend

@MissTrade That was quite a haircut you got yesterday, but you look good brother $ES_F back at you

@MissTrade “The voice”, my favorite bluebird ow.ly/ZYgr7 one of my watchdogs ow.ly/ZYgvL drink from both cups

Give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say ”On the one hand? on the other.” Harry S. Truman ow.ly/ZYvw0 No 1 knows

@intrepidbun @spz_trader so true. No one wants to appear like they didn’t know where it’s going. Not the airport ow.ly/ZYwMJ

it aint over til its over #orangemen #PPT must have them on their card

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F #INVESTORS #DAYTRADER The Day Chart Showing 2041.00 target trading above moving averages.

30 globex ow.ly/ZZcTo MATD momo after sizzling Thurs pm session $ES_F full court press

32 to 31 is PFS time if shorted $ES_F should be an aggressive support needs to go for mor

swing batter ow.ly/ZZpCD 5 RTH ow.ly/ZZpDG 2 way day in dizzy izzie $ES_F

the overnight demon is 38.75 and the angel test is 31 $ES_F ow.ly/ZZwgR seed capital #EMWS

Return to the scene of the crime 29.5 and more is good fortune 456 starts in swing $ES_F

using 26 as the key now. last squeeze pivot intact from friday is 22 $ES_F

Traders dont wait to see how it reacts at edges of 30 and 40 point ranges to decide if they want to play #EMWS Use 2 point stops & get dirty

swing middle is 26, T1 and pp 25.75 $ES_F Know the game and play the odds #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: 30 globex ow.ly/ZZcTo MATD momo after sizzling Thurs pm session $ES_F full court press /keeping 42 resist 4 now

From thurs RT @e: rainline 28 next resistance hit agg support now at 22 $ES_F this pm leg needs retesting / sequence trading #EMWS

@MissTrade both sides have money in bucket shop close and sweeper extension knocking out shorts #EMWS 2 way day likely

done by 21/22 advised #EMWS trailers only for 456 at 22.5 T2 21.25 and thurs mid 20.75 $ES_F

“this pm leg needs retesting”. Fast moves like thursday’s squeeze NHOC need re-auctioning $ES_F

Bingo. Dazzle me with your fancy footwork and head fakes but I will watch your center of gravity #EMWS step by step

weekend post: The Power of Focus and Desire ow.ly/ZZRws #EMWS

@MissTrade wtg. I wont take that heat Easter weekend. Easier to get up overnight and play or just do RTH ow.ly/ZZYd0 $ES_F

@MissTrade that’s like saying I will swing at a pitch as long as it is within one foot of the plate. Smart longs covered by 35/38.75 $ES_F

@MissTrade Not everyone has the time, capital, risk tolerance for Swing. Make lots more 3 and 4 foot putts than we will 30 footers. $ES_F

@MissTrade you win. #Marketprofile has all the answers, nothing else works. Flippers at 22 paid for sure by 31.25 $ES_F

15 Globex and Z pattern/ symmetry trade ow.ly/100989 $ES_F Z for Zealot ow.ly/1009hi #EMWS

@MissTrade thats the whole point… different strokes for different folks. Thank you. Take walks, swim, chunk it and choose when 2 play

@MissTrade Right !

Youth is a state of mind ow.ly/100gcQ we live in a land and time of unprecedented opportunity #EMWS ow.ly/100gMI

odds say day trade longs paid by 33 to 35.25 $ES_F 456 done #EMWS

back to doji and PFS if hit the profit taking by longs $ES_F time for the pool