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60 chart in play. Scene of the crime revisited #EMWS $ES_F

Why not range trade between the yearly middle (2044) and the year open (2055) til proven otherwise?  #EMWS $ES_F #kiss

That was our basic premise hit the bounces/cover and or buy the dips 11:10 E the 55 year open box and 44 year mid idea has been right #EMWS

The life of Pi  armstrong #EMWS $ES_F

$CL futures using #EMWS system  quiet times good time to teach these ideas with a consistent approach

15:07 Emini Wizard 52.5 demon (RTH) 5 point range since 47.5 low at lunch #EMWS $ES_F waiting for yellen and fat lady to sing

@TraderSmarts shorts had great week, profit taking ahead of Yellen #EMWS no offense really either side, defensive battle #EMWS $ES_F


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Much ado about nothing…