The picture of power under the blue line #EMWS $ES_F 42 gap closed, 22.5 , 9.5 still open

Operating under the premise of stolen range MATD done, range trading it #EMWS $ES_F

MATD Stolen range #EMWS $ES_F

“We can play with tight stops” #EMWS $ES_F when time and price agree, exit the trade/ and or reverse

@traderoffortune problem for shorts was MATD was done overnight, we had idea two way day appropriate. yest low 52.25 retest, gap filled

above 52 good fortune for longs. squeeze pivot identified at 36.25 premarket, and 42 RTH #EMWS $ES_F oversold

Applying #EMWS principles to $EURUSD step by step

9:04 Emini Wizard day low may already be in #EMWS $ES_F advised longs trail above 52 for 58 to 61 target and be paid by 62 next resistance

“wac a mole day”… just when Charlie thought it was safe to short. Risk/reward, Psychology also important, not just the numbers #EMWS $ES_F

shorts get paid idea 50.5 / 51.25 #EMWS $ES_F

Advised shorts If took short zone we suggested trailers only past 50.5 to the dime #EMWS 46.75 still squeeze pivot needs to go #EMWS $ES_F

Premise: AATD Afternoon after trend day better odds allowing oversold/moving averages to catch up #EMWS $ES_F

@eminiplayer @BamaTrader roflmao dont mess with Awais. safe flight #EMWS

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Yesterday’s 57.25 squeeze pivot target revisited from below today…