MATD overnight all shorts. MATD Neutral. PM Frog in boiling water trade on thin volume. Last to leave loses in position squaring.

12.5 support intact.

10 Globex overnight 22 Hit

Review E’s posts March 17

Trade Logic for 12.5 support

15 Globex base chart overnight  26 resistance

60 Globex

The Arch premarket 12.5 support visibly identified

OTF target achieved 13.5 advised cover all

15 min chart 26 presumed resistance

5 RTH 15 Globex Convenient trade is long for day traders

Night Moves

Holiday Schedule Git ‘er done


Jim Rohn Self responsibility

5 globex half gap achieved

5 RTH The Funnel

15 Globex Reviewing the concept of retesting Prior day’s low

OTF Boxes

5 RTH Close at the close

30 min Globex no spaghetti

12.5/ 13.25 Uh- Oh March 17

Hockey The Pipe

456 Trade Ebb and Flow and nobody knows for sure. No one.

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8:30 pm overnight MATD traders looking for next zone 17 to 22 support targets under 24.75 before anything else #EMWS $ES_F

Told Tim I thought down for the week. Too soon to tell, tops take time. “Sell in May” not March. April historically is good #EMWS $ES_F

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@LongTplexTrader @BrentRShelton @shemesht @MrTopStep @Convertbond @ManOverMarket thanks to all and any I missed much appreciated

11:59 pm RIP Joe G keep doin’ it as long as we can

12:01 am Bear neutralized $ES_F

3:52 am 10 globex slow boat to China $ES_F 22 high odds target hit, a few more completion targets nearby #EMWS

3:58 am @upadhye_sunil thank u. common sense says we cant jab at a boxer if we are lying on the canvas knocked out $ES_F

4:17 am make notes and refer to them $ES_F then find important areas and errors in thinking #EMWS

4:22 am 16.75 to 18.75 important defense for longs so risk reward time near 22 $ES_F

4:26 am 36 was last posted resistance keep it there for position, but never give it all back if holding over $ES_F

4:29 am 15 is primary chart in play $ES_F nice umbrella pattern #EMWS

4:33 am @50Pips 50 is always a master of assessing risk, reward and context

4:37 am @50Pips back at u 50 🙂 lead the troops

4:42 am MATD traders in the chips #EMWS 28 busted, so 28/32 as aggressive resistance now $ES_F

4:45 am @MissTrade u still talking to Mr Magoo in magic kingdom or trading?

4:50 am 60 globex support chart for now needs to get broken $ES_F back later

7:20 am 16.75 target and don’t mess with the Emini wizard system $ES_F get paid if short for sure #EMWS

@MissTrade wtg Matt. When I work I work, and when I play I play $ES_F

@ciscohitt great chart cisco, thank u. Had a feeling that 16.75 to 18 would get tested this week $ES_F #EMWS

7:39 am using 12.5 as next logical support target (support for longs, target for shorts) based on this post overnight $ES_F

On a reversal pivot day like yesterday, it makes sense to holdover as long as swing system in place to monitor trades #EMWS $ES_F

@sewerpimp i think we need a profit taking swing soon $ES_F #EMWS trail only 16.75 and/ or move stops down 13.5 next key in red zone now

@ciscohitt nice. we will leave chips on the table today, it happens. Price of being prudent. Find one good trade a day. #EMWS $ES_F

@LongTplexTrader thank u for insight. rotations the key, risk and reward. Wont give back 6 to make 2. Can always re enter $ES_F

@sewerpimp agree your zone, but step by step. 5.75 on daily chart is the key daily support in #EMWS system

RT @ciscohitt: I Shorted OVN 25 to 19 happy with that for now. $ES_F great trade. be grateful for your skills and oppty

Consider Holiday schedule today for position squaring $ES_F

@sewerpimp 13.5 identified and achieved $ES_F #EMWS

trailers / re entries with trend until proven otherwise in waterfall. We will likely get mini slingshot today $ES_F drop losers #EMWS

RT @FuturesTrader71: LIVE #TraderBite in 1 min.
mkt context & today’s plan. #FT71 #ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F first hour will be very important; sustain trade above 2013.50, they test 2025
Anthony Crudele @AnthonyCrudele #ES_F already tested our lowest level for today 2013.50; if bulls can hold it, cld see 2025; if not, we grind lower

@MrTopStep u were looking for 2k today, nice directional bias Mr T $ES_F

15 globex play well #EMWS never make it about any 1 trade or day $ES_F

sideline is a position if you dont like this open. careful chasing short and getting whipsawed on a bounce $ES_F protect profits risk small

22 half gap as agg resistance $ES_F stolen range day #EMWS #TLTSBOSA

@TraderGoalieOne why? if I may ask $ES_F

@TraderGoalieOne why must be short below open?

18.5 key first resistance $ES_F

@MrTopStep you are welcome. Tireless in your efforts to help traders with your valuable insights #FF

@TraderMD great post MD $ES_F

RT @MrTopStep: @eminiwizard we all need to work together / amen #teamwork

The convenient trade for day traders is long at the open #TLTSBOSA = Too Low To Short Buy Or Stand Aside #EMWS $ES_F

Night moves… Bob Seger #EMWS part of the game

angel is 15.5 hit and run in chop if playing $ES_F

@kiwitrader24 lol now u sound like old person. welcome to my world

5 RTH and 15 Globex in play $ES_F

@joshuademasi roflmao

@TraderGoalieOne thank you Goalie

PFS longs 20.5/ 21 ahead of half gap 22 $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele nice level Deli #FF

@AnthonyCrudele yes seemed important zone for OTF Big Boyz $ES_F thank u

partial payday at least if long $ES_F #EMWS 🙂

magnet 21.25 thats why PFS ahead of half gap 22 #EMWS

Now it may be about that original 16.75 target so If re entered for chip shot PFS $ES_F

@RectorRe Bob it means Paid For Sure. A likely partial profit taking inflection point for some traders $ES_F thanks for the follow

RTH Demon at 19.5 $ES_F this lunch swing may be key #EMWS git ‘er done day

viewing the morning bounce as smart shorts taking profits $ES_F next swing tells us more about higher highs higher lows pattern #EMWS

Get to half gap 22 / 22.75 PFS if long $ES_F stolen range 2 way day playing out

Lunch contra today is a trend trade $ES_F #EMWS

see if the Shorts can make it count $ES_F

gravy below 16.75 if short $ES_F

@StockSurfer10 sorry to hear that ss10 “never make it about any one day or trade” live to fight another day #EMWS

reminder 15.5 is the angel test $ES_F

@MissTrade #Happy Easter to you Matt and all who celebrate

@StockSurfer10 agreed, but you are in control of ss10 and protect your own best interests #EMWS #Jim Rohn

@StockSurfer10 take a break and re evaluate your trades. Time, price, psychology, risk reward, patterns. Break your emotional state imho

@StockSurfer10 i dont even pay attention. No tv either $ES_F ignorant here

Risk small if playing now. Day trade longs need profits. Weekly shorts have covered some already $ES_F Range established #EMWS

Nice call @AnthonyCrudele close enough for govt work $ES_F tell was contra time at lunch couldn’t bust 13.5 #FF

@jonnajarian float like a butterfly sting like a bee

using Nq 4370 as clue for today helped PFS there by 4395 if long #EMWS

Using gap / 28 as resistance target $ES_F agg support now 18.5 #EMWS

Yesterday’s low 25.25 retest #1 fail $ES_F

mini squeeze retest #2 trail only longs above 25 $ES_F

Flexible traders who can think both directions kudos $ES_F Awesome 2 days for shorts if protected profits #EMWS

5 RTH risk reward long coming into play 15 globex retest zone previously posted $ES_F

stolen range days are usually tedious $ES_F Bear jumped last night, bull climbed stairs RTH 12.5 support intact for now $ES_F

#Darvas $ES_F use objective criteria and emotional control #EMWS

@MrTopStep i caught part of your periscope.. interesting technology and thoughts #FF

456 w starts 25.5 $ES_F keep chips $ES_F up to gunslingers now #EMWS day traders done

rainline 28 next resistance hit agg support now at 22 $ES_F this pm leg needs retesting

Thanks to all for posts, rt’s etc. Think March Madness, each team has a chance to play offense and defense $ES_F #EMWS

@MissTrade hope u didnt spend it all big guy, 50 backer $ES_F looks yummy

@MissTrade lol i’ll drink to that

@MissTrade relax and enjoy your holiday Matt thanks for your insights $ES_F great week 5 rth

@MissTrade agree 28 was a breakout retest #EMWS last one to leave lost today

storm blew over, heading to the pool no spaghetti 30 min globex $ES_F

@MissTrade I give you credit for being persistent #EMWS traders know this as “frog in boiling water” trade in our #criminalhandbook $ES_F

@MissTrade shooting from the hip we know major test idea above and the support levels built up today. inside week first idea $ES_F

@MissTrade today’s plunge may be part of topping process $ES_F V bounce started lunch but squeeze was 18.75 + pm. I’ve seen 30+ in last hr

@MissTrade we often get sharp bounces even in corrective markets, Boyz don’t want shorts to get position. Have to re enter no biggie #EMWS

@MissTrade 37.75 is year open and I said that should be a benchmark. Wont resolve in one day, takes time. $ES_F

@MissTrade in case u missed it #EMWS uh-oh trade still on Boys knew right where it needed to be supported $ES_F

@MissTrade dinner time, be well Matt

@StockSurfer10 my pleasure. Just one man’s opinion and still lots to learn about ourselves and the market $ES_F be well

@MissTrade let your mind relax. work on your hockey for now #kiss #EMWS

Nova tough coming down the stretch

@MissTrade exactly. too low to short so buy today better odds at open. longs late day get to neutral zone. r/r better at the ends $ES_F