Premarket 5 RTH and 30 globex

30 Globex Rain line identified as support target

5 RTH and 30 Globex Reaction at middle/ half gap 39.75 resistance

woolworth five rth and dime globex

ditto anticipate and react.

2 min umbrella backed by the 10 Globex

Power Pivot

The Gambler

29.75 T1 hit


Take it to the limit

It dont matter to me

Eagles Billboard
Rain (line) Drops Dee Clark

This Magic moment

Step by Step Jonny Maestro

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen

This I swear is True Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners

Those Magic Changes Sha na na

Hallelujah The shorts finally catch a break

I play music to relax me and help me stay in the zone. For those of you looking to learn from my “free” posts, pay attention to my retweets. They are not to be chest-pounding, but rather a clue as to my belief of current sequence, pattern, psychology, price and time.

I had the right rhythm today. It all started with the convenient trade, and we never know how far it will go. Lucky educated guesses today, nothing more, nothing less.

If you took the convenient trade be happy at 41.5 and 40.5 in this mess 39 Angel 44 Demon $ES_F

Markets that aren’t moving don’t offer the same r/r opportunity. First decide if you even want to play #EMWS $ES_F

Timing Trade if short PFS by 39 to 37.5 trailers only #EMWS we have needed to pullback for passengers lately $ES_F range for now

@Convertbond Man’s Search for Meaning by Frankel one of the best books in my library. nice post

Convenient trade a winner… reminder yesterdays squeeze pivot 34 $ES_F

@Convertbond πŸ™‚ Thank you

456w south side is done by 35.5 more is good fortune $ES_F #EMWS

using 31/33 as primary support target for now $ES_F

using half gap 39.75 as agg resistance $ES_F

stops down into the 2’s and say hallelujah if you got it $ES_F

Law of alternation says longs not likely to get a repeat of yesterday’s kick save $ES_F Hit a bounce or two and #kiss

30.5 yesterday RTH low support target 31 and stops down for juice if short $ES_F t1 is 29.75 today

probabilities, not guarantees are the name of the game $ES_F get paid for risk taken

@ManOverMarket those orders may only be for small profit taking swing $ES_F

PFS by 39.75 half gap if long $ES_F

33.25 angel PFS if got the bounce reaction $ES_F

RT @e: Law of alternation longs not likely to get repeat kick save $ES_F Hit a bounce or two and #kiss / PFS 32

Two nice thrusts short side today. Tops take time to rollover. Dont squander profits Boyz have needed to pick up passengers to bounce $ES_F

riverboat gamblers with trailers below 33 Boyz have defended turf well for now $ES_F

@Intuitive_Power Que Kenny $ES_F #EMWS primary target achieved

RT @eminiwizard: 30.5 yesterday RTH low support target 31 and stops down for juice if short $ES_F t1 is 29.75 today

nice morning for shorts $ES_F may leave some chips on the table but t1 is PFS

T2 today is 24.75 step by step. 28 support has been tough to crack $ES_F

Yesterday’s notes available for review #EMWS $ES_F

@spz_trader kudos to the Hot hand. press it to the limit, one more time #eagles

If playing re entries PFS short by IB low / 31 $ES_F nice contra kicked a few late louie shorts out

self-talk is important in trading and in life black or white, “it don’t matter to me” #EMWS its about #values

@spz_trader for the young turks who missed that generation #eagles #algos

@MissTrade thanks for the inspiration, enjoying the trip down memory lane πŸ™‚

@spz_trader thanks Pauly. House of cards done, will make time to see it eagles stood the test of time

this magic moment $ES_F Jay Black protect profits if any time

IB battle $ES_FDee Clark and RainDrops accumulate

Plan was hit a few bounces see if we could test 40, 38, 35, 31, 28, if breaks 24.75 Half gap 39.75 suggested as resistance $ES_F 28 intact

30.25 is today’s angel stay focused and get paid $ES_F accepting gifts is part of this business $ES_F

trailers are hailers now until stopped out or cover $ES_F

If a system isn’t broken, I wont fix it #EMWS The skyliners this I swear is true $ES_F

cover by 27.5 advised if short. U want more, take the heat/ trail $ES_F Queen

2 rth and 10 globex $ES_F

RT @e …manage and sleep at night. can hedge with OEX etc too. Work to do on down side but need to get 25/28 zone first $ES_F step by step

step by step the late great Johnny Maestro $ES_F #EMWS 1 hr to go 36 resistance until broken $ES_F

Those magic changes $ES_F sha na na pool time and day traders get paid

bingo risk reward $ES_F hope u had a nice day

@MissTrade back at you and yours my friend #marketprofile what else? hallelujah #EMWS

overnight MATD traders looking for next zone 17 to 22 support targets under 24.75 before anything else #EMWS $ES_F

Told Tim I thought down for the week. Too soon to tell, tops take time. “Sell in May” not March. April historically is good #EMWS $ES_F