Will be out of the office most of the day #EMWS need time to consolidate $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS Avoid Trouble 2402 resistance $ES_F aggressive support 2388 / begin where we left off yest

#EMWS First test of IB High holds in MATD $ES_F 5 globex

Checking in #EMWS 5 RTH $ES_F

RT @marketwizardz: Take me out to the ballgame.. @HamzeiAnalytics and @eminiwizard / awesome day with my friend Fari

#EMWS I hope this chart I posted earlier helped you $ES_F step by step

@HamzeiAnalytics You bet, 19 hot dogs and 2 lobster rolls… Traders, this is what life is all about, finding friends to share the journey

@RectorRe Thanks Robert Started the day at a funeral for a friend’s mom and ended with a Blue Sky Day. A time to mourn and a time to dance

#EMWS Keep an eye on 30 min Globex if playing overnight $ES_F

Thank You

@BamaTrader @HamzeiAnalytics @YoddleBig @RectorRe @MargaritoHuerta @reparm @Pro_Fits @pipsnticks @Tradn500 @shemesht @Jersey_Drew @USSBank @traderstan1 @traderoffortune @Jediphone a big thank you to all and any I missed