#EMWS keeping wt1 89.25 in mind and 73 now pivotal as expected $ES_F stay flexible in thinking

10 RTH ow.ly/Z01ol $ES_F sometimes we get a reversal next day but consolidation more likely (BOM bias) Pay attention to support

Stay humble #EMWS

PFS by 82.25 if long. Gotta put the car in neutral before throwing it into reverse 🙂 2 way day plays out $ES_F Pool time calling me

2 min RTH chart with consolidation pattern ow.ly/YZGu7 $ES_F @ 3 point higher lows in rotation #EMWS

@suman__adhya82 I prefer educated guessing. I told a friend yesterday I expected 73 to become pivotal today $ES_F #kiss

Beige book coming $ES_F

@suman__adhya82 why is 1982.5 and 83.25 important to the big boyz, and therefore me? Using objective criteria remove emotions $ES_F

15 RTH ow.ly/YZsog $ES_F I think #marketprofile is a wonderful way to trade, but not the ONLY way to see the market #EMWS

69.25 angel held, nice short term clue in an algo trade $ES_F

Primary #Emws magnet established overnight is 75.5 $ES_F when using dynamic pivots, we will always find small/ large / big magnets

yesterday was one way once we had MBO and trapped shorts. Hindsight is always easier to see, but as a trader we dont have that luxury $ES_F

@MissTrade as day trader focus is on intraday levels and how they align with larger ones $ES_F 2 way day means can make $ non-directionally

@suman__adhya82 my hope for today was play the convenient trade. Buy early morning lows for the half gap/gap, use 82/85 as stop for shorts

@MissTrade right time for a break. great 2 way range today $ES_F

@MissTrade this chart posted with notes (why not do both) says we are on the same page ow.ly/YZhVo #EMWS $ES_F

@MissTrade We also need to account for our “time”. The cash flow part is great but needs to be balanced (hit golf balls etc) Need a life too

@MissTrade . Deeper pockets allow for more alternatives. SEP etc cant micro manage. This is perfect business for retirees, etc work at home

@MissTrade Ahhh, now you are talking. Just like real estate. Properties for cash flow, tax ideas, growth for the future $ES_F Options

@suman__adhya82 I consider that as the resistance target. Bears trying to defend 78.5 +, and bulls hoping to defend the 66 zone $ES_F

@MissTrade nice. We use lesser time frames within larger ones so we can try to profit everyday “Russian Dolls” ow.ly/YZf9x $ES_F

@MissTrade agreed. I consider minutes, hours, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and multi yearly every single day. $ES_F thanks Matt

globex hidden pivot for #EMWS ow.ly/YZ9Ky

A big boy adds to swing or position on the blue line #kiss $ES_F

MATD a winner $ES_F gap closed PFS #EMWS 82 demon overnight , 69.25 angel range trading was advised

If bought support PFS by 78 and trail a few mins if have it $ES_F

RT @sewerpimp: @AnthonyCrudele @eminiwizard TF firm looking to break IB higher / thanks pimp nice correlation $ES_F

Our Balance of Power spreadsheet said 66.25 was a hidden pivot #EMWS 10 RTH chart lined up. more confluence, more confidence $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele thanks for sharing your insights Deli #FF under followed Pro

10 RTH ow.ly/YZ5Cb $ES_F hit and run 2 way for now

@AnthonyCrudele I wish I had your confidence 62/63 standing in the way of that first I think $ES_F I see math for your target but doubt it

IF is timeless ow.ly/YZ1St $ES_F take something out of the market every day and accumulate #EMWS

76.5 intact say yeehaa if playing reversion trade by 66.25 $ES_F

RT @TraderSmarts: Heads up 6 min til oil inventories $CL_F $USO / #Pro Tony is aware of potential market movers and increased risk

RT @e: Team #EMWS yesterday’s high was 78.5 so may as well use 76.5 to 78.5 as the bull bear idea $ES_F Hit and run day, 2 way likely

5 RTH ow.ly/YYXGW “S” curves can also be seen in larger time frame in previously posted chart ow.ly/YYYfQ $ES_F

Half gap target 75 PFS if long $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS premise overnight was 85/88 resistance for profit taking 66.25 to 68.75 support until broken $ES_F range it for now

Not thinking plunge ow.ly/YYSsI $ES_F thinking small rotations IB $ES_F

gotta love the 68.75 test of support trail only if short $ES_F

soft MATD means we recognize the imbalance and any “weak hand buys” are subject to being hit and run type, tougher r/r $ES_F

@MrTopStep nice post. Market needs time to absorb the move, as some of today’s thunder already used yesterday= “stolen range” $ES_F

Timing trade if short make sure paid (PFS) seed capital $ES_F

If you played well yesterday, no need to force things. Be choosy. If you didn’t play well, take the day off and detach emotions $ES_F

Team #EMWS yesterday’s high was 78.5 so may as well use 76.5 to 78.5 as the bull bear idea $ES_F Hit and run day, 2 way likely

@pm1889 82.5 and 83.25 show up as significant for the Big Boyz. They will let us know. Need to absorb yesterday’s move, stolen range

#EMWS premise overnight was 85/88 as resistance for profit taking. 66.25 to 68.75 support until broken $ES_F range it for now

RT @e: RT @pm1889: @e For sure this is very overdone. yes but closing 83.25 gap may be a target $ES_F 2010 also open ow.ly/YWUUm

today’s calendar ow.ly/YYyTE tough to get excited either direction after yesterday’s “me too” stampede $ES_F

For an edge see what others refuse to see ow.ly/YYtTK $ES_F current magnet 75.5 ow.ly/YYudq 5 min globex soft matd

Step by Step #EMWS ow.ly/YYrui $ES_F
charts are found by copy/paste the links in the posts.
Some of them are here for your convenience

Step by Step

Retest big picture

5 Globex (Not RTH as marked)

10 Globex, with my assumption 63 is deep support today

“S Curves”


10 RTH

Globex Timing Hidden pivot

Russian Dolls

15 RTH  1885 big support support and 1922/1923 big support

2 min RTH wedge

EOD 10 min RTH