30 globex pre market

5 globex pre market

A pair of fives premarket

Gap play support intact for now 30 mim

House of Cards

30 min, retesting 19 break

above 19 we retest yest high 22

5 RTH and 10 Globex testing 31/32

NQ 120

5 Globex 33.75 target achieved

10 Globex 38 resistance for profit taking PFS by 36

“Fed Up” wins again. #EMWS print the chart, pay attention to support $ES_F

@MissTrade back from dinner with friends. why is #marketprofile more important than common sense? line of least resistance has been up $ES_F

Anyone can feel comfortable in a herd; independent thinkers are like Eagles and beat the 85% consistently ow.ly/ZzL8K $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: shorts need to bust 11.25 / 10 to reverse this $ES_F / #EMWS identify objective criteria like toeholds for rock climbers

@MissTrade yes, but fighting it only gets you in the poorhouse. Election year cycle may have something to do with it too $ES_F

@LWinthorpe Time and price. Shorts cover by 97.5. Longs all out by 22. Just fell off the turnip truck ow.ly/ZzZJJ $ES_F

11:14pm Team #EMWS for review ow.ly/ZA14s Live, specific, actionable ideas. 6+ years intraday, swing, position, Even threw in NQ $ES_F

11:18 pm The junk mail of life ow.ly/ZA2Al $ES_F movin’ on, night all.

6:59 am E: RT @e: No chest pumping and no posts on snap chat #EMWS lol hope u did well all KEEP PROFITS if any $ES_F 2008 may need testing
RT @eminiwizard: bingo #EMWS 05.75 //intact for now Fast move being re auctioned 30 globex ow.ly/ZBbgg $ES_F 2 way op ex

@sewerpimp great application of that premise. We need trusted allies who help us see our blindspots. thanks pimp #EMWS

7:26 am E: RT @eminiwizard: 4411.25 I had as Back end target above 81, 95.75 #EMWS support at 4350 called and held #dothemath / NQ profit taking too

premise for now today’s high is in already. MATD buys are for range trading, lows may not be in yet. $ES_F (wrong. low in, high not)

gap agg resistance, yesterday’s high resistance. presumed support targets 98/02 on new low $ES_F

RT @e: @BamaTrader I’ll take the over under at 25 H/ 85 L ahead of that $ES_F step by step // 25 should be a reaction zone first

5 globex any shorts today near that failure at 11/12 are very aggressive ow.ly/ZBjHc $ES_F Thanks to Zeek for Thursday Rule

middle traders angel is 7.25 $ES_F PFS hit and run

5 RTH and 5 Globex ow.ly/ZBndR start the day aware of RTH as well $ES_F

@wolftrader18 Zeek is one of the smartest traders I know and he found a reliable rule. Only available to members, sorry, not mine to give.

14 magnet aggressive resist for now $ES_F

so PFS by 14 if long $ES_F

@ciscohitt @sewerpimp risk management very important. Scratched trades, small losses are the sign of great traders $ES_F nice post guys

1 variable traders often overlook is availability. If retail (no desk overseas etc) do u play overnight? If not, play the hand we are dealt

@sewerpimp @ciscohitt bear flag pattern may have best odds today $ES_F be choosy today if had good day yesterday

If played short overnight make sure covered at least half before open $ES_F timing trade

@ciscohitt smart, wtg cisco

456 in play, 2 way day presumed $ES_F MATD buyers PFS by gap. beautiful symmetry was nice clue at the 5.75 double #EMWS

seed capital lock it near gap if long $ES_F

smart market. closing longs by open or 18.75 $ES_F ow.ly/ZBG0p

House of Cards? very scary ow.ly/ZBHbO #politics

edge to longs for MATD , but thinking inside overnight range trading best odds $ES_F

dbl breakdown retested 30 min look ow.ly/ZBKnc $ES_F

456 ends 19.25 $ES_F thinking small hit and run PFS by 14 magnet #EMWS

@spz_trader 🙂 u get the next bus , we dont get them all

@spz_trader and check 27 was a 127%

gotta bust that 11/12 all over again get paid by 11.25 for sure $ES_F

@spz_trader shake it off. need to knock out overnight low or bear flag can keep building. today wont be easy $ES_F hit and run

self talk positive unemotional “Missed that opportunity but will find next 1” If u wont let someone beat u up mentally why do it yourself?

@sewerpimp thank u. aware of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly near 13. Today pp 13.5 as well $ES_F

yest 4395.75 zone stalling NQ for now

@dougby1 I saw Lee Trevino throw a golf club in water after dumping three in water at GHO one time. Happens to all of us thanks Doug

multiple entries needed today $ES_F spread out trades different times may give better edge. above 19 likely we test yest high bull/bear 11

Not sure how op ex plays into this.. but 14.25 magnet burning theta $ES_F

PG print game making it tough for shorts. These are trades we review in #EMWS New members ask me by email if want clarification $ES_F

Done by 22 / 23 yest high zone if long more is good fortune $ES_F 2 way day, MATD a winner from support 2005.75 (wrong about 2 way day)

any re entry shorts 26.25 demon behind yest high $ES_F ow.ly/ZC54R #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: edge to longs for MATD , but thinking inside overnight range trading best odds $ES_F / if long trail only above 22

10:56 E:taking break back later #EMWS

11:50 E: wind still blowing. keeping 11 support until broken, 18 aggressive $ES_F Primary trade (morning) likely done #EMWS

2 x IB is 26.5 near 26.25 demon #EMWS $ES_F

@BamaTrader sorry to hear news. Many fond memories of a life well lived I am sure. Mom’s are special. thanks to @TraderSmarts for heads up

12:04 E: I think this strong a bounce negates bear flag idea. May be wrong too about high in already #EMWS $ES_F wt1 is 26.5 and key for now

12:12 E: @BrentRShelton Overnight high is within 10 points of year open by my records 37.75. Boyz will test that I believe probably year high as well

@BrentRShelton I try to take it one step at a time #EMWS 12.5/13.25 area needs to get undermined yearly basis or uh-oh shorts $ES_F risk/r

@2010New why? op ex Above last week’s high, support held at 2005.75 $ES_F market can consolidate rest of day and squeeze again overnight (kept running)

@2010New thank you for your insights, not making predictions. Just staying aware of possibilities $ES_F Tough game today

31.25 to 32 next measure $ES_F

and 33.75 is next extension target. $ES_F T1 is 38 today. Any day high, PFS by 31 if long

5 RTH and 10 Globex looked bullish ow.ly/ZCDEt Shorts lost at 11 $ES_F

NQ nice bounce but inside so far ow.ly/ZCM3l

now everyone’s a believer… human nature $ES_F

Treating this as reverse rabid dog day. small pb rotations expected on contras $ES_F nothing good happens for shorts until 22 violated

mission accomplished at 33.75 and juice above 32 PFS if long ow.ly/ZD2Xn $ES_F #EMWS

using 38 resistance for profit taking today $ES_F avoid trouble, lock profits if long

squeeze pivot now 27 all stops up and trailers are hailers #EMWS $ES_F

buy support, line of least resistance up idea worked again. It wont always, but Boyz are on a mission $ES_F

cover / stops up by 36 #EMWS dont give back 5 for 1 more

No short rule unless u have profits willing to risk $ES_F #EMWS

Pool time comes early today for me target 38 or 230 whichever comes first $ES_F

2:21 E: gone good enough $ES_F

@gracetechs56 lol yes sir . friend just got back from triple bypass and want to visit on deck with him. no skinny dipping our pool #EMWS

I think 38 gets hit by EOD fwiw this is r/r contra here $ES_F (wrong, only got to dt 36.75 (1 point away from year open)

@2010New @stocktrader0610 timing says longs make sure paid, then swing into close maybe 40.25 wT2 so be aware of that dynamic avoid trouble

Back for a few mins. 10 globex ow.ly/ZDqcy daytraders had a good day? leave it be $ES_F NHOC no guarantee #EMWS

@BidnAsk glad u had good day 🙂

@MissTrade glad u played well overnight Matt. $ES_F

Try to take something out of every day. Sit sidelines and see where time, price, risk & reward give us an edge. If none stay sidelines $ES_F

This was timing trade / risk reward for day trade profit taking Paid by 31/ 30.5 if short #EMWS

29.25 primary magnet so use that for guide #EMWS $ES_F too late for day traders stay flat advised. 38 Resistance target intact…for now