Turtles caught

NQ 15 PFS by 50 if short

30 Globex 97.5 support

30 Globex bounce for half gap and gap(s) at the open

5 RTH above the Rain line

Kevin Haggerty

Slingshot Trade

NQ 50 support

2 min RTH

Live for today


30 globex  After hours

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@verniman great point. Often both sides have money by then making it more challenging,odds diminish. push or get pushed back today’s edge pm

5 min NQ ow.ly/Zw0Cg nice stretch in the Alligator #EMWS low volume=gator aide

5 globex #EMWS ow.ly/Zw1cv $ES_F u choose when your biz is open and when it is closed, #noboss #workathome

NQ 2 min ow.ly/Zw2Cy risk reward came in near double top

@iamnotsamjoy yes shorts lost control there ow.ly/Zw51y NQ if we work overtime tonight we take loooong lunch tomorrow #EMWS

NQ and $ES_F ow.ly/Zwdjb risk and reward part of the game. if hit short capture near the db #EMWS time for a snooze night all

RT @e:ol school tape reading ow.ly/Zv0xH higher highs higher lows after 10:05 $ES_F 2 way day plays out tough range shake & bake

wtg @jwsuga nice read on the alligator #EMWS $ES_F

3/15 11:38 RT $ES_F chart ow.ly/Zwghm RT NQ ow.ly/Zwg7e equal oppty before and after ow.ly/Zwghm neutral still

silent night as market kills more theta ow.ly/ZwRxK $ES_F range for now

RT @PipCzar: In addition, tomorrow @Brasil61 will guest host with me. don’t miss this great interview w/ @marcmakingsense tomorrow morning!

RT @50Pips: interview topic ” “Stay Small, Keep Leverage In-Check, Set Yourself up to Succeed” > wp.me/pE4q0-4yx #forex #futures

@50Pips tellin it like it is as always #FF

KH pro who helps see big pic ow.ly/ZwTsn $ES_F if u started trading in the last 5 years, need more tools than buy the dips

hit and run trading advised today if playing ahead of the fed $ES_F sidelines if conservative and save some powder #EMWS magnet 2004.25

@BidnAsk News trading is not for everyone. technicals usually work well, and u can always hedge with options. $ES_F

below 4.25 is good fortune, 2.5 is yest mid right behind it $ES_F think small if playing

dancin with the devil now make sure PFS by 2.5 if short $ES_F

@BidnAsk lol tell that to my grand kids

be done by 50 in NQ as well ow.ly/Zx63b nibble, get on scoreboard

using 97.5 as agg support for profit taking $ES_F PFS by 2 grand if short

@ciscohitt thanks cisco. i have hard time believing big move ahead of fed, so thinking range 4 now. $ES_F

30 min chart for perspective ow.ly/Zx7C0 $ES_

trailers done by 1997.5 $ES_F

@desihobo i refer u to @ciscohitt for profile. I dont use profile. Nice question glad u asked $ES_F

yesterday’s angel is 97.75 and important today $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: 5 globex #EMWS ow.ly/Zw1cv $ES_F u choose when your biz is open and when it is closed, #noboss #workathome

That 12.5 resistance is intact for now and this is testing yest low PFS time and price if short. may leave chips on table so what $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: 5 min NQ ow.ly/Zw0Cg nice stretch in the Alligator #EMWS low volume=gator aide // had 65 as the PFS last night

some longs are trapped tight stop on any re entries short flush out yest low possible Gap as logical resistance for now $ES_F

still thinking neutral and not big plunge or breakout ahead of news $ES_F

half gap and gap players PFS by 4.25 magnet $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: ….Gap as logical resistance for now $ES_F / PFS more is juice

wont over trade ahead of news, still neutral $ES_F best trades risk/reward done already both sides. Shorts overnight, longs at 97.5 support

Boyz got early longs and late shorts ow.ly/ZxhPV $ES_F demon is 10.25 near rth gap key now for conservative shorts

same as overnight PFS by 65 if long side NQ Boyz shake and bake

Donate small to Boyz retirement fund. Wont give them more than one finger… great defense by longs. will use 05 as b/b zone for now $ES_F

Normally I like to see market run into the news (“Fed Up”). thinking two way with a few small rotations. ow.ly/ZxnMJ

Got your daily vig? IB ending soon and will avoid trouble now. Loooong lunch with a walk.

RT @eminiwizard: still thinking neutral and not big plunge or breakout ahead of news $ES_F // i see NQ took out high but not es.

75 resist NQ for profit taking ahead of the 81 resist #EMWS using 50 support, 62 aggressive support.

slingshot trade ow.ly/ZxSPN $ES_F Team #EMWS print it out

Profit taking smart by longs PFS by rain 2.5 if short $ES_F ow.ly/Zy1Ot

NQ PFS if short 55/50 ow.ly/Zy2Gj knocked out the weak hands above 62 #kiss

Angel is 2000.25 $ES_F Boyz playin’ with both sides think neutral. Flat for news and react. RTH low now a key as well

never lose on a round tripper if had nice profits. Why leave bases loaded no runs? sacrifice and get a run $ES_F

Say yeehaa and flat $ES_F NQ

We can take $ out of the market every day… no need to be gunslinger ahead of news #EMWS $ES_F

Using RTH ten minute chart and NQ 30 globex for perspective #EMWS

Using today’s T1’s as support and resistance on breakouts/downs $ES_F

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F lget ready to rumbleES a buy above 2007.00 and a sell under 1997.00 look for 2 false moves.

PFS by 10/12 if long $ES_F

NQ next resistance target PFS by 81

2:02 E: 19.25 T1 $ES_F as resistance

2:05 E: Nq 50 support intact, $ES_F 2005 b/b line #EMWS

PFS 9.5 if short do it $ES_F

2:12 E: 2005 still an important line in the sand $ES_F

2:13 E: If u played the contra cover by 06/05 more is good fortune $ES_F

2:14 E: bingo #EMWS 05.75

scene of the crime 2001 low is now support until broken $ES_F PFS by 12 if bought pb

This reaction should be profit taking swing $ES_F

we wont get every swing right. capture something as it moves, if wrong go sidelines $ES_F

2:23 E: bingo trail is all at 12 $ES_F

2:28 E: cover all by 19 resistance $ES_F

2:28 E: @MissTrade first pb are usually buyable $ES_F

2:34 E: RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_f next dip should be the buy as long as we stay above 2007.00 /great posts LB, best r/r buys already played out imho

2:37 E: @MissTrade live for today, not tomorrow ow.ly/Zymu7 $ES_F

2:39 E: shorts need to bust 11.25 / 10 to reverse this $ES_F

2:42 E: NQ past 81 I had 4395.75 as next resist target PFS

2:43 E: bingo 19.25 say yeehaa and more is dumb luck $ES_F

2:44 E: shorting zone try 2022/25 stop zone $ES_F

2:46 E: all out longs by 22 #EMWS not worth the risk now $ES_F

20.5 is the top of last year’s pipe $ES_F

2:50 E: 2 min chart a winner, back it up with 5 and 10 ow.ly/ZyopW #EMWS $ES_F

@MissTrade lol we know its manipulated but we try to get something out of the move, #kiss flat and heading to the pool in a minute

@MissTrade smart daytraders paid by 12/11 and yeehaa $ES_F

3:05 E: No chest pumping, and no posts on snap chat #EMWS lol hope u did well all KEEP PROFITS if any $ES_F 2008 may need testing, pool time

3:07 E: “Stay humble and let your bat do the talking” – words of wisdom from my Dad

@TheFibDoctor 🙂 thanks Doc. I wasn’t as smart as him a lot of times… lol

4:42 @MissTrade support held (94), new high made again, and within 20 points of year high $ES_F cant crow now as late long, day trade zone

4:45 E: @MissTrade 4411.25 I had as Back end target above 81, 95.75 #EMWS support at 4350 called and held #dothemath

@TraderSmarts thanks Tony much appreciated

5:10 E: “Fed Up” wins again. #EMWS print the chart, pay attention to support $ES_F

9:07 E: @MissTrade back from dinner with friends. why is #marketprofile more important than common sense? line of least resistance has been up $ES_F

9:12 E: Anyone can feel comfortable in a herd; independent thinkers are like Eagles and beat the 85% consistently ow.ly/ZzL8K $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: shorts need to bust 11.25 / 10 to reverse this $ES_F / #EMWS identify objective criteria like toeholds for rock climbers

@MissTrade yes, but fighting it only gets you in the poorhouse. Election year cycle may have something to do with it too $ES_F

@LWinthorpe Time and price. Shorts cover by 97.5. Longs all out by 22. Just fell off the turnip truck ow.ly/ZzZJJ $ES_F

The junk mail of life http://ow.ly/ZA2Al $ES_F movin’ on, night all.